13 thoughts on “Eye on the Street”

  1. On the way to the slaughter house…

    “I can’t believe they’re blaming us for the election,” said the cow looking backward.

    1. On the way to the slaughter house…

      “We have to face it,” says the other cow, “the country has reached a tipping point.”

  2. Yes, Chadwick, fruit! Thanks for noticing! It’s almost enough to be Cowmen Miranda. I named this photo “flatbed cows and giant banana” but DM ditched my title. Editor’s prerogative, eh?

  3. I’m called a cow
    I’m not about to blow it now
    For all the cows, for all the cows

    It’s funny how
    Money allows
    All to browse
    And be endowed
    The wish is true
    It falls into
    Pieces new
    The cow is you, the cow is you

    -Foo Fighters

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