Before I Die… Exhibit in Oakhurst

Based purely on the number of pics we’ve received of this new interactive public exhibit in Oakhurst, we’d say it’s quite a hit!  Here’s a sampling…

1st photo courtesy of Kerri, 2nd and 4th photos courtesy of Laura, 3rd photo courtesy of Anne

17 thoughts on “Before I Die… Exhibit in Oakhurst”

  1. Where is this? How long has it been up? Can’t figure out why I missed this. Have been in Oakhurst at least 4 or 5 times in the last week.

    1. It’s right in the Village, (in that median type area with all the trees) between the parking spaces in front of Oakhurst Market/One Step Ahead and East Lake, facing East Lake.

  2. DM, there’s a touching story behind the wall, a tribute to the death of someone the creator knows. Will you get the accurate details and edit your original post to include?

  3. Personal
    – Go hut to hut skiing in Norway
    – See Machu Picchu, preferably by hiking up

    – See my kids finished with education and training and happily settled in a work field
    – Have a grandchild

    – See global warming halted
    – See public education adequately funded in the U.S., intelligently managed, and implemented successfully
    – See decent health care available to all in U.S.; I’ll accept any political or economic solution that actually provides it (vs. theoretically)

    Not necessarily in that order of priority.

  4. Hi Sarah! I’m the Before I Die project manager down at Candy’s studio, Civic Center in New Orleans. Your wall looks great! I would love to hear more about your story. Please email me at [email protected]!

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