Buford Highway’s “Lawrence’s Cafe” Moving into Old Isabella’s Spot on West College

Oakhurst Realty gives us the heads up about the new addition to Homer Simpson Plaza via Twitter

Lebanese restaurant Lawrence’s Cafe to relocate to 910 West College Ave. Opening in early 2013. http://www.lawrencescafe.com 

Lawrence’s website describes their offerings thusly…

Lawrence’s enticing menu includes soups, salads, kabobs, gyro, chicken, beef and seafood dishes; and a large selection of vegetarian meals. Specialities include Lawrence’s Platter, a combination of six different dishes, and Seafood Tahini, large shrimp and sea scallops sauteed in tahini sauce. And of course hummous, baba, grape leaves, kibbie and much, much more. The lunch menu offers numerous entrees (large portions) and sandwiches. Desserts include 2 different kinds of Baklava and mouth watering date mamoul (naturally sweetened with dates), with Lebanese coffee.

Check out their menu and more on their website!

21 thoughts on “Buford Highway’s “Lawrence’s Cafe” Moving into Old Isabella’s Spot on West College”

  1. How nice! I used to go to Lawrence’s Cafe regularly years ago, but I eventually got tired of driving out to their sad little building on a fairly depressing stretch of Buford Highway. I’ll be very happy to visit them in this nicer location. The food was good.

        1. “Belly dance” is actually sort of designed to be performed in small spaces… in fact, it’s been said of a great belly dancer that she could dance in the space of a single tile. Will be interesting to see if any local dancers end up with a gig here!

          1. Hopefully, the tables will be spaced to allow a whirling dervish! This cannot be performed in a small space.

            1. Add belly dancing to the wish list for the quarterly dance instruction on the plaza. Not technically ballroom, but promises to entertain!

  2. Just ate lunch there recently and it was delicious. Glad Lebanese food is coming to Decatur. We’re definitely increasing the range of cuisines in Decatur. What’s the deal with belly dancing? Didn’t see any at lunchtime.

    1. You know, CocoLoco closed sometime within the past year and as far as I know, they haven’t reopened yet. My dream is that they’ll come to Decatur (or nearby).

    2. Havana at BUHI and Clairmont is only about 10-15 mins away. If you havent been there, you’re missing out. Their sandwich is great, so are the beans and rice.

      Not sure when they make it, but Ropa Vieja is darned good as well.

      1. Damn. I think Brad and I had our stomach’s separated at birth. There seems to be a split opinion on Havana but I heartily endorse it too. I also can’t tell you when they serve the ropa vieja. Most times that I go there I have the intention of trying something new, maybe the steak milanesa or maybe the simple arroz con pollo. But then I walk up to the counter and can’t bring myself to say anything except “Cuban sandwich combo” and then look at the poor lady like she’s an idiot when she asks “half or whole sandwich?”

      2. This may have been asked before but which is the real Havana Sandwich Shop now? I can never keep this straight. The original Havana Sandwich Shop was at the corner of Buford and N. Druid Hills and burned down. Then different parts of the family formed two different but similar sandwich shops with similar names, both in the same general area of Buford/Clairemont/N. Druid Hills. Which is the original (now moved), which is the spin-off, and which should I frequent?

        1. The one Brad mentioned at Buford Highway and Clairmont is the one which is basically the original with pretty much the same menu. There was some family drama after the original burned down and there was a second location owned by one of the family members farther down BuHi but I think that place is closed now.

          The website it here: http://www.havanarestaurantatlanta.com/

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