Afternoon Metro: Decatur Bikers Get Dressed Up, Coping with Losing Ms. Daniels, and Text Messaging Declines

4 thoughts on “Afternoon Metro: Decatur Bikers Get Dressed Up, Coping with Losing Ms. Daniels, and Text Messaging Declines”

  1. NoComments?! Let me see if I can generate some business by changing the text of one of the articles:
    “The principal from Renfroe Middle School has invited leaders and councelors from Decatur churches to offer bereavement advice to teachers and students due to the recent death of a popular teacher. This is a voluntary activity and coffee will also be provided.”
    Why is it that so many posters at this site get upset about the influence of churches in the schools but see no problem with a new age group using something called “Kaleidoscope Therapy” to counsel students concerning death? As long as our churches had equal access to students and faculty during the tragic death of Ms. Daniels, then I have little problem with this but really, why is there no outrage concerning this kind of presentation?

    1. My guess would be that a school system offering a secular program of counseling to students isn’t the type of thing that causes outrage or is viewed as particularly controversial. Whereas inviting any church to counsel students who may or may not be part of that denomination, let alone religion, would be seen as tacitly condoning a religious view.

    2. Kaleidoscope therapy? I don’t understand. A counselor volunteered to discuss with parents how to talk to their children about loss. What’s New Age about that? I lived on the West Coast and remember New Age stuff and I don’t see the connection. A coffee discussion about loss and grief is not exactly crystals and rebirthing.

      This comment seems disrespectful of Renfroe’s tragedy and the staff and parents who tried to make sure that children and parents had some ways to cope with Ms. Daniel’s death and other losses that have occurred among CSD families.

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