7 thoughts on “Eye on the Street”

      1. Actually it’s my daughter’s snarky observation. We both like it for the aesthetics and the fact that it changes the balance of power between the kids and the parents that think they shouldn’t be up there.

        (Of course I am one of the troublemakers that is happy to give a boost up for the younger kids left behind by their older siblings — especially when their parents aren’t looking.)

  1. It’s lovely. Go see it. Very nice work. In fact, the whole square is vastly improved by the new landscaping and this artwork.

    1. It’s ventilation for the MARTA tracks below.

      They mitigate the breeze blowing across the platform when a train goes through the station. They also increase the efficiency of the cars since they help equalize the air pressure in the front and rear of the cars in the tunnel.

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