Lifeline Animal Project Needs a New Furnace and Water Heater

With all the pet lovers ’round these parts, I figured this would be of particular interest.  Juston sends along this note from the Lifeline Animal Project…

We like it when the dogs at LifeLine have a cold nose…but not THIS cold. Unfortunately, the furnace that heats our no-kill Dog House on nights like last night, when temps dropped into the 30s, has broken beyond repair. Some of our rescued residents are older pets, in recovery from surgery, or being treated for a medical condition, and it’s getting too chilly for the 70+ canines that call LifeLine’s Dog House home.

While trying to find a solution to this bit of bad news, we got a call from our College Park clinic staff that the water heater there had broken – also beyond repair. Double disaster! Each week, the LifeLine Spay & Neuter Clinic in College Park serves about 120 family pets, feral cats, and dogs and cats from other rescue groups. And they need hot water!

Our good friends at Ace & A Heating and Air Conditioning are giving us a great discount on a new furnace, but we need your help! Right now, we are moving dogs to warmer areas of the building at night, and staff members are taking some of the older dogs home with them in the evening. With the temperature dropping, we need your help to keep the promise that we make to every pet in our program. We promise to protect their lives, to give them loving care and keep them safe and comfortable. And warm!

Please contribute what you can to help us replace the furnace for the dogs and our clinic’s hot water heater. With winter at the door, we absolutely need both to keep doing the vital work that LifeLine does everyday.

To donate, click here, or mail a check to LifeLine Animal Project, P.O. Box 15466, Atlanta, GA 30333.

On behalf of all the animals at LifeLine, thanks so much!

16 thoughts on “Lifeline Animal Project Needs a New Furnace and Water Heater”

  1. LifeLine is a great organization that does so much for the dogs and cats AND pet owners in Atlanta. It’s only right the community should help them when needed. Thanks for the info!

    1. Or I can spend a little extra time there winning the dart blind draw and $300 mystery out tonight for the dogs 🙂

  2. Any idea how much they need for a furnace? Or the water heater? I know someone who’s been looking to make a donation for animals and who has lots of cash.

          1. It wasn’t me. It’s someone moving to the area who lost her parents. She hes more money than she could ever spend and is giving away all she inherited in 500 and 1000 chunks because she doesn’t like attention.
            I am amazing, though.

    1. Yes it does. Thank you all for your support. This is an incredible organization whose good works I have seen first hand. Please, please, please help out to whatever extent you can!

    1. Their physical address is 129 Lake Street, Avondale Estates. You can call them at 404-292-8800 to make sure that someone will be there to take donations. You can also find more information about them at

      (I am not part of this organization, just a crazy dog rescuing person 😉 )

    1. Set yourself up as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, offer free or low-cost spaying/neutering and vaccination clinics, and I’m sure you’ll find some folks willing to chip in for that furnace.

  3. We have a furnace to give! Please contact me. I just left a message at the number on your website. It is yours right away, if you want it. We are going to renovate a house in the area and will be changing the furnace. It works perfectly fine, but we cannot use it due to its size and the renovation that is planned.

    1. Ili Nilsso, I hope that your furnace may have turned out to be a good match for Lifeline. What a wonderful, timely offer! (It’s great to see the everyday community building that happens on this blog.)

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