AJC: Anna Nicole Smith Movie Filming in Decatur Today

I think this post title speaks for itself, but here’s a blurb anyway…

The Lifetime movie about Anna Nicole Smith is filming at the old Decatur courthouse today.

The small-screen project has filmed at a number of other locations including the King Plow Arts Center as well as a restaurant scene at New York Prime.

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17 thoughts on “AJC: Anna Nicole Smith Movie Filming in Decatur Today”

  1. Crazy. There is practically no downtown street parking because of this today for no discernible reason.

  2. Oh, you can dismiss Anna Nicole Smith! But she was a trailblazing entertainment personality!

    I ask you, if Anna Nicole had not demonstrated the compelling entertainment value of following a real life, slow motion trainwreck, would we have had Lindsey Lohan? Snookie? And (dare I say it?) Honey-Boo-Boo?

  3. Why is the movie filming in Decatur? Was she from the South? I just remember the weird drug and health stuff about her and her son.

  4. What I’d really like to see film in Decatur is a movie with Daniel Craig in it. One where Idris Elba, Joe Manganiello, and Daniel Sunjata would play his BFFs. And it would be in the summertime, and all 4 of them would (out of necessity) have to go shirtless, and would have to take frequent swim breaks where they’d be wearing those abbreviated swim trunks featured in “Casino Royale”. And they’d need female extras to see that they were well-slathered with the appropriate amount of sunscreen. Plot? Haven’t really thought that part through.

    1. I have seen Joe Manganiello about 5 times in person in the past 2 weeks. Please trust me when I tell you, he is as tall as he can be, and an absolute hulk in his physique. And when people came up and were like, “Are you that guy?” he shook their hand, nice dude. His hair was grown out longer than usual, and he is just a sight to behold. Not an ordinary man, but made from the Gods 🙂

    2. SteveC: Not even a little bit. 😀
      Daydreamer: I’m *jealous* >.<
      STG: I think you & I could probably write a good 'un!
      City Girl: Loooooved it!
      Junderscore: Ain't read it, ain't gonna.
      Invincible Summer: Oh, dear sweet Lord, YES!!!

  5. Get back to me when Marisa Tomei is in town. And by “get back to me” I mean my house is available for a movie set.

  6. This would explain the woman yelling at a line of people behind the courthouse yesterday, “Paparazzi! Paparazzi please form a line here!”

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