Morning Metro: CSD Named a “Reward School” by State, Sketch Released, and Two Spaces after a Period

23 thoughts on “Morning Metro: CSD Named a “Reward School” by State, Sketch Released, and Two Spaces after a Period”

  1. Re two spaces: I’m devastated. I’ve spent my whole life using two spaces. My reflex is to use two spaces. I taught my children to use two spaces. I feel crippled trying to type right now with just one space after the period. I’m convinced by the article but not a happy camper.

    1. At first I thought 60′s/70′s typing class graduates like me are stuck in a time warp but daughter who took high school typing in 2000 is also a 2-spacer.

    2. Don’t let this piece of fluff devastate you! Type two spaces if you want to type two spaces. The real cause for devastation is that Slate has resorted to meaningless but click-drawing articles like this one (and that DM has encouraged them by linking to it. Sorry, DM!)

  2. “Burke Brennan also said the retirements are not related to the county’s struggles to make up a projected $42 million deficit in the 2013 budget — including potential deep cuts to the police department — despite rumors floating around county offices.”


    Oh but they are very much related. Call me crazy, but a system that allows a 49 year old to retire with an annual pension of about $92,000 is an issue that seems very much at the heart of the County’s budget problems.

    1. The Georgia Police and Fire pension systems allow one to retire after 30 years of service, regardless of age, and many do. It’s not the County’s money, BTW, it’s the state pension fund’s money.

    2. I think that anyone who went into crime or fire fighting as a teen and then did that kind of grueling and emotionally exhausting work for 30 years straight deserves to retire. The amount I cannot speak to, it does seem high, but I certainly think that the timing is fine.

  3. Congratulations to Decatur High on their “reward school” status; I teach at Cross Keys High School, which also made the list. After years of coaching against Decatur, I have to admit that I never knew about its Title I status. On another note – there was a brief thread maybe two weeks ago about the tattered U.S. flag hanging outside the old James Joyce pub. If anyone retrieves said flag and needs to dispose of it respectfully, we could have our Cross Keys NJROTC program take it and bring to a ceremony next summer. I found a very damaged flag in my classroom a few years back, gave it to our local Commander, and it was officially burned at one of these ceremonies. If anyone involved with that thread is interested just post back – I can provide an address in Midway Woods where you can drop it off.

  4. As a book designer, I’ve spent hours removing all those extra spaces from manuscripts… Don’t do it!

        1. Me too — I’m a website editor and am forever trying to get rid of those spaces. Find and replace is my best friend! Even works in the HTML code.

  5. Yup, I remove those extra spaces all the time. Sometimes it’s three or four spaces b/c when word processing software automatically tries to correct for the number of spaces, the user thinks it’s not enough space and adds more.

  6. I started to read the article about type spaces, then realized that I care more about what’s on the bottom of my shoe than the number of spaces I type after a period.

    Now if people would pay more attention to the correct use of apostrophes…

    And ellipses. 🙂

  7. Easy to do find and replace, but when you have a book full of docs, it can take a while. Also some of you out there use three spaces randomly… Same thing for hard returns that aren’t at the end of a paragraph…

  8. I am voting for Romney/Ryan, charter schools, and two spaces between sentences and as long as I’m ticking off my liberal Decatur friends, I also endorse an extra return between paragraphs. This makes reading easier for old curmudgeons (I know, redundent) and also provides additional space for teachers to make suggestions to improve student writing.

    1. The extra return is so liberal it makes your head spin! 😉

      One space between paragraphs is needed — but no indention please.

    2. Two spaces after a period evidently crosses all political, religious, and racial lines! Solidarity in error!

  9. I’m perfectly comfortable offending the 0.002% of the population that considers themselves typography geeks with my two spaces. Actually, I may sleep better in this knowledge.

    Let’s encourage them to turn their energies to the remediation of the at-home poster and flyer makers who are so blatantly ignorant of proper kerning.

    1. I just noticed that my browser “cleaned-up” my two spaces after my first sentence. Am I really going to have to resort to    between sentences?

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