Free-For-All Friday 11/2/12

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    1. Bleecchhh! What color is your parchute, move your cheese, six sigma, flat management, self leading teams, fly your freak flag…. really. I’ve had enough of this corporate rah rah crud to never want to hear it again. It’s even worse when some former rebel is co-opted into doing it for some seminar. Thank (choose your deity) it is Friday and normal people will take a break from this disease (cue sound of Douglas Adams laughing at the rest of us).

      1. AMEN! Don’t forget drill down, stand up, synergize, work smarter, buy-in, price point, portal, networked, metrics, knowledgebase, change management, even if you’re on the right track you could still get run over. Thank goodness for smartphones so you can get something done discreetly while listening to this stuff.

            1. agree, corporate argot is a PITA, but it does serve its role as shorthand, otherwise, instead of “stakeholders” we’d end up saying “the people invested in the outcome of this project” or something similarly unwieldy and we’d become even more sick of it. necessary evil.

              thankfully in my music life, we had a cool lexicon: licks, chops, axes, gigs, groupies . . .

    2. Sorry but I do not trust a man with a message that does not know how to tuck a shirttail in. Lost me the first second of the clip.
      What is it with the young generation of guys and their messy shirt tails?

    1. Got it on yesterday. “Anyone But” likely won’t win any of the races I voted for him (or her?) in but it felt good anyway.

    2. Definitely, early is the way to go. Today is the last day for it though. I did it Tuesday evening and it took a whole 6 minutes. Plus you get a sticker. 🙂

        1. I went to the Downtown Decatur site and the whole thing, from walking in the door to walking out the door, took 6 minutes. That was on Tuesday evening around 6:15.

        2. I went at about 5 p.m. on Tuesday and there were at least 30 voters there and the line was threatening to go out the door. I was still able to vote and get out the door in less than ten minutes! They are super efficient over there (although my polling place has usually been very efficient in past years too).

        3. At 3:00 yesterday there were about 10 people in line in front of me. Took about 15 minutes total to get the early voting application, fill it out and then actually vote. Probably took me a few minutes longer than most because I had to write in “Anyone But” a few times.

        4. I went on Tuesday morning at 8:20 and it took me 10 minutes, half of which was filling out the form. Then a short walk to Starbucks for a coffee, and then off to work.
          20 minutes total.

    3. My google-fu is weak, I cant locate the downtown decatur polling place. Care to point me in the right direction?

      1. Early voting is the building between Cafe Lily and the snowcone place, across from the Wachovia building. Went on Wednesday. Quick and easy.

      2. Of course Nubbs would give directions based on food 😉

        Actual street address is 330 W. Ponce (Clark Harrison Building, though I usually slip up and call it the Clark Howard Building).

        I may have gotten one of the New Orleans Snoballs after voting yesterday…

        1. Not long. There were a lot of people there – I’d say 40 or so. But I was in and out in 15 minutes.

  1. I have driven past Kitchin155 on Clairmont a few times in the past week and have found it closed at odd times. Did I miss that it closed down for good?

    1. I would be surprised and sorry to hear it. They’ve sure seemed busy the recent times I’ve been in.

    2. I think they modified their hours to breakfast and lunch M – F and lunch on Saturday. Hope that helps!

    3. On their website, they’ve posted today’s menu, so they must be open.

      I wish they served weekend breakfast/brunch before 11am on Saturday and Sunday. With all the young families around here, not to mention the college kids waking up at noon, brunch would do really well.

    4. They modified their hours for fall/winter. Now serving breakfast and lunch. Their biscuits are deeeeelicious!

  2. For those of you interested in the Decatur High School Community Garden…We are having a work day NEXT Saturday, Nov. 10. We will probably be weeding (always weeding to do, always, always), turning the compost, and ripping up some old plants and putting down some red clover.

    Children are welcome (they like to play on top of the big compost pile). You get community service hours for helping, not to mention exercise in the sun and the chance to learn something about gardening.

    We also have a few plots available, for $65 for a year if you don’t have a child in school, or $35 if you do. Come to the garden next Saturday to find out more! Or email me at [email protected]

  3. Calling fellow grammar geeks! The Advanced ESL/GED class at Clarkston Community Center could use more tutors to provide one-on-one help to students. Volunteers can assist on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays from 6:00-8:30, helping adult refugees with vocabulary, writing, reading comprehension, and other non-math skills that are covered on the GED. Volunteering with this program has been fascinating and deeply rewarding for me. If you’d like more info, visit here:

    The students have beautiful spirits and are incredibly eager to learn. Please join us.

    1. This sounds interesting to me, I have no training as a teacher, but I love reading and our English language. Is there training for tutors? Lesson Plans? Or am I being too naive? I will follow up, DecaturCyn; I’d like to learn more about the opportunity.

      1. Although some tutors have teaching backgrounds, most of us do not. We’re a multigenerational bunch, with retirees, many Emory students, and people at all stages of life in between. The class instructor typically begins with a group introduction to the night’s featured topics and then distributes activity materials. Tutors help students complete the activities and supplemental work at their own pace, with attention given to each student’s unique challenges and strengths. When enough volunteers are available, all students get one-on-one attention.

        As an experience, definitely think of this as YDFM rather than Publix. Volunteers work with students from Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and other regions, bridging cultural contexts while exploring the nuances of our language and history. Plus, you’ll find that each class member has a fascinating story. For example, the young man whom I tutored last week came to the U.S. from Congo just two weeks earlier. Wow, I was so very honored to be a part of his brand new American story. (If you need more info, I’m CynthiaGeorgia at yahoo. I’m more than happy to answer questions.)

  4. Saw my first coyote on Wednesday morning. I was driving to the Y at 515 and it crossed my path in front of Decatur First Baptist.

    1. It probably won’t be your last. They’ve been active lately, at least on the north side of town. A corner of our property abuts the creek and our dogs have been alerting there all week, especially during the few hours after sunset.

    2. We’ve been seeing them for at least two years, lately it’s a regular sight, not even a big deal anymore for the coyote-phobic kids.

    1. Good idea! I think I see areas that look like this pictures all over Europe, too. In my experience, the pedestrian is always given the right of way — and can meander anywhere and the car driver must wait patiently.

      It’s a good alternative to pedestrian-only areas, and I think it would work well in Ponce, as long as the city doesn’t reduce Commerce to one lane (oh, how awful that would be!).

      1. Probably best to let my LinkedIn profile speak for me. Search “Al Natanagara.”

        Aside from that, I am a Berklee-trained musician with 15 years of performing experience in Boston rock bands. If any of y’all would like to get together and play, I’m looking for musicians of all levels of experience and skill and with zero aspirations of rock godhood to play with once or twice a month. I don’t have a place to play, though. Maybe when I find full-time work, I could go in on a rehearsal space.

        1. Are you inclined to teach guitar to an 8 year old? Don’t know if you are interested, but we are looking for a teacher for our daughter. Best of luck either way!

  5. Can I just say the chicken paillard sandwich at 246 will totally rock your world? Have been there at least a half-dozen times, never had that particular sandwich. Now, even though I had it for lunch today, I’m craving it again already! *sigh*

  6. To the person who deposited bagged dog sh!t in my flower bed, at least 30 feet into the yard from the sidewalk: same to you.

    1. And the same to the charming neighbor who deposited a fresh bag of dog poo, neatly wrapped in a cute pink bag, directly into my trash can after pick-up. Because then I had to remove it and put it into a Decatur PAYT bag so that it could be properly disposed of. Thanks a load.

    1. Try contacting your state party office, DPG or RPG. They usually have a volunteer coordinator to match drivers with those who need rides.

  7. Didn’t have time to read all the interesting FFAF comments but in case no one mentioned the Dearborn Park/Renewal, this is a great community activity in south Decatur. Teams will compete for big money while removing filthy, nasty invasive plants from a great little park. Come cheer on the teams and enjoy a free lunch and music at noon. I will be there as the captain of DHS Super Close Up and would love to meet you. Look for the guy that looks like an older Daniel Craig.

  8. Great Dearborn Park Renewal Day. The DHS Close Up students finished in second and third place, winning $800 for CU travel grants for the Washington, D.C. trip in April. The winning team was Ivy League, BKA the Midway Woods neighborhood association. What a day for all involved, especially a terrific group of DHS kids and a fine neighborhood group. Special thanks to the Renewal Design group, DeKalb and Decatur parks and recreation departments, DeKalb sanitation department (they pick up anything!), DHS teacher and CU sponsor Mr. Chris Curtis and parent volunteer Ms. Boykin, and Chick-fil-A, which provided some delicious breakfast chick biscuits and spicy chicken sandwich coupons for all participants.
    Wow! Beautiful day for community service work and free Chick fil A coupons. Does it get any better than that?

  9. We need a gas leak fixed in our home. Any thoughts or comments on either M. Cary & Daughters or Empire Heating? Or any other recommendations?

      1. I did not have a good experience with M. Cary and they required too much following up from me to get the job done. I will go another direction next time.

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