Dog Lost Near Sycamore Street

Jessica writes in a pic and info…

  • Name: “Lil Mamma”
  • approx. 15 lbs, brown, very friendly
  • Last seen on Sycamore St w/ bright green jacket on
  • If you see her please contact Beth @ 404.373.4503

6 thoughts on “Dog Lost Near Sycamore Street”

  1. Dog was returned to owner Monday after she slipped out of her leash. Owner was unable to catch her. Was there really a need for your nasty second comment JT? This is and older woman who loves her beloved dog.

    1. I didn’t take this as a nasty comment but humor about lovable rascal dogs who run off, hence the use of “we”, “damn dogs”, and “?!?”

    2. Certainly not meant as a nasty comment but rather an observation on the number of lost dogs and lost dog posts here. As someone who has gotten telephone calls from neighbors and, seriously, the nice folks at the downtown CVS, after they’ve corralled the squirrel chaser on the right side of my gravatar, I know how it feels. Now if it was a cat, that might be a different story. [Do I need a 🙂 here to indicate that I’m joking – or at least to pretend I’m joking – about that last sentence?]

  2. Yes little mama is back home due to all the lovintg kind people of decatur
    This hAppened when an umbrela flew off a table at the squRe in decatur monday.
    I was hit in my back by umbrella and fell and mama spooked and ran. many came to my aid and several ran to try to catxh my beloved dog.
    Thanks to all for your love and concernduring this very traunatic time

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