Decatur Reacts to “Great Places” Designation

Eric points to this new article in the Neighborhood Newspapers this week, which gets reaction from the Atlanta Regional Commission, Mayor Floyd and Asst. City Manager Lyn Menne regarding the city’s recent rare designation as a “Great Place”.  According to the article, Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area was the first recipient in Georgia to receive the designation last year.  Here’s an excerpt…

Mayor Bill Floyd said the city was thrilled to be chosen for the award out of all the great places in metro Atlanta.

“Downtown Decatur is great for residents and visitors, because it is so walkable and there is always something going on,” Floyd said in a statement.

Reuter said the jury that selected the award winner — a group which included area architects and planners — recognized Decatur as being a modern downtown community where residents and visitors have plenty of options.

“The city of Decatur puts a lot of effort into creating a strong sense of community,” said Lyn Menne, assistant city manager for community and economic development.

4 thoughts on “Decatur Reacts to “Great Places” Designation”

  1. I would suggest that our strong sense of community comes not from anything our government does but from the fact that we have existed since 1823, our churches have been, and still are, a beacon of hope for present and past residents, our schools continue to be the alma mater for hundred of thousands of graduates (O.K., maybe a slight exaggeration but hey, this is Decatur Metro ), and maybe most of all, our cemetery. It provides a place of permanent rest for those lucky enough to be interned but it continues to draw their families for years to come.

    1. Chris! Our City Folks haven’t contributed anything to us having a strong sense of community?! Why, that’s just silly to say! I swear sometimes I feel like we’re getting the you that your wife has just shooed outta the room! :0)

  2. Completely agree with all of that, Chris.

    I also believe all of the craft beer consumed here has us leaning on one another for support–
    -it takes a whole village so we don’t fall down.

  3. Does it have to be either/or? Couldn’t it be the churches, history, cemetery, school system AND the Downtown and Oakhurst village revivals, gentrification, gas prices, walkability, bikeability, proximity to three MARTA stations, commutability to Downtown, CDC, and Emory, presence of Agnes Scott, etc.? Life is usually multi-dimensional and Decatur is no exception. Plus there’s the influence of positive momentum and tipping points. IMHO, Decatur tipped somewhere around the year 2000 and we’re darn lucky it did because the positive momentum carried us through the recession without much backsliding. It carries us through what some of us think are mistakes by our city or school officials. The trick is to keep the positive energy going without making any major mistakes with lasting consequences. I think about how Buckhead, Virginia Highlands, Little Five Points, once had a lot of positive cachet but now not so much.

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