Sammiches n’ Stuff Closes

Louis wrote in yesterday…

I saw the owner packing his car and removing the kitchen equipment on Saturday morning.  The “For Lease” sign is already in the window.  The owner said that they decided not to renew the lease…and had no plan to open up the business anywhere else or continue the catering business.

We stopped by this morning and indeed there is a lease sign in the window.  In addition to that, Brynda has posted a note on Patch announcing the closing.

12 thoughts on “Sammiches n’ Stuff Closes”

  1. I’m really sad to hear this. I’ve taken my kids several times for breakfast, lunch and after-school treats. The staff were always wonderful and so nice to us and I loved getting a good burger or breakfast bowl there. I really wish they’d give it a go in another location.

  2. They were great to work with. Really, really a pleasure. Community minded folks, and they made good food. I’m sorry to see them go.

    1. I appreciated their participation in Decatur Cooperative Ministries’ Garden of Eatin’- I am also sorry to see them go.

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