Better Hurry Up! …If You Still Want to Give Online Zoning Feedback

Still have lots to say about Decatur’s potential zoning changes and can’t make any upcoming commission meetings?  I hope you took today and/or tomorrow off from work!

Until 2pm tomorrow you can provide feedback on seven different changes the Zoning Ordinance Update Task Force is looking for feedback about on the Open City Hall website.

Here’s a list of the seven proposed changes.  Click through to read through more detail and to provide your opinion.

  • Home Businesses – Should the City modify the current home based business definition and standards as proposed?
  • Downtown Parking – Which distance do you think would work best to allow businesses in downtown Decatur to secure parking for its customers and employees?
  • Design Standards– Do you believe these standards provide a reasonable transition between downtown commercial properties and single family homes? If not, how would you add to or revise them?
  • Accessory Structures – Which option do you think will work best for Decatur – Option A or Option B?
  • Urban Gardens – Should the City adopt the following definitions of gardens? Should the City allow the below gardens in the following zoning districts?
  • Light Manufacturing – Should the City adopt the proposed changes?
  • Pedestrian Area Expansion – Should the City extend the current special pedestrian area as shown on the map?

One thought on “Better Hurry Up! …If You Still Want to Give Online Zoning Feedback”

  1. Don’t be scared by the long list of topics! There are pictures and videos to break the topics down. You can respond to each of them with one click and/or leave a comment. The task force would love to hear from you.
    Amanda Thompson
    Planning Director

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