Report: Asheville’s Tupelo Honey Looking For Spot in Decatur

OK, now this is just getting ridiculous.  Tomorrow’s News Today reports

The Asheville favorite [Tupelo Honey] has been serving southern favorites in since 2000, and recently started to expand their concept. The restaurant opened a second Asheville location in early 2010 and just opened their first out-of- state location in Knoxville, Tennessee earlier this week.

Not surprisingly, sources say that Decatur is the likely local target for the restaurant’s planned Atlanta area expansion. I had the pleasure of dining at their original location earlier this summer, and would describe the restaurant as a cross between the original Flying Biscuit Cafe and Another Broken Egg Cafe.

Decatur and Asheville sittin’ in a tree.  How long do you think before John Kessler writes a Decatur/Asheville article for the AJC Sunday paper?

Photo courtesy of jessicareeder via Flickr

19 thoughts on “Report: Asheville’s Tupelo Honey Looking For Spot in Decatur”

  1. Wow! During yesterday’s discussion about the Decatur – Asheville exchange my thoughts turned to Tupelo Honey and how well it would do in Decatur. If true, it will be impossible to get a table on Sunday mornings. As long as we are putting in requests, how about we lure a Barley’s Taproom and Pizzeria next?

  2. I will have to move if this happens. I would literally be waddling distance from that fried chicken and biscuits and those sweet potato pancakes.

  3. Oh man! I really wanted to go here on a Sunday when I visited Asheville last fall, but it was so popular that there was like a 1.5 hour wait!!

    I’m really liking this Decatur/Asheville exchange thing.

    1. Same here – on our last visit my wife and I had to resort to the place next door called Mayfel’s as the wait at Tupelo Honey was too long. Mayfel’s was good very good as well – great food and service.

  4. How many vacant restaurants are there now in the City? The Depeaux and Ruby Tueday’s, for two. Anything else now that Watershed appears to be spoken for? Restaurant buildout is expensive.

        1. It looks like they’ve actually made major progress over the last two weeks or so. There are also “Now Hiring” signs out front too. Can’t wait for my Jack and Coke slushies!

          1. I finally got to the Inman Park Victory after an opening at the Archer Gallery a few weeks ago. They were out of slushies! They also have to clear their great patio at 11:00. I’m looking forward to the Decatur location. Great casual eats.

  5. When they say they are likely expanding to “Decatur”, do they mean City of Decatur or Postal Decatur? Because I would certainly want East Lake or Snapfinger or Candler-McAfee to get the credit for this if they are the intended location.

  6. I just figured out what this is all about. All this restaurant shopping can only mean one thing… Decatur must be preparing to annex Asheville.

  7. Hmm. Well, I did love Tupelo Honey when I lived there, and knew the owner a bit from its opening. But as someone who lived in Decatur, then moved to Asheville for nine years and came back here… careful what you ask for. Asheville is a pretty place to visit, but became a place I did NOT want to call home over those nine years.

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