Glennwood Elementary Fall Festival This Sunday!

Giffney sends along this announcement and pic…

Glennwood Elementary Fall Festival will be held on Sunday, October 21st from 11:00AM-4:00PM. There will be a Creepy Cafe and lots of fun activities including the Haunted House, 20′ inflatable slide, maze, costume contest (2:00) tattoo and face painting, beauty parlor booth, cake walk, pumpkin painting and many boardwalk games. New this year– unique, handmade scarecrows on display. Each classroom has made themed scarecrows to be sold at silent auction during the event. Come in droves, come in dozens. Bring your friends and country cousins!

16 thoughts on “Glennwood Elementary Fall Festival This Sunday!”

  1. I love Pete the Cat and all, but that particular incarnation will likely be haunting my nightmares this evening. *shiver*

    1. No, it’s correct. I wish it was Saturday because then we could go. Gonna be at the Stone Mountain Highland Games on Sunday.

    2. It was not an easy decision. The day before was not possible because the Beer Festival has all the city’s tents, and other Saturdays were ruled out for other reasons. Sunday may turn out to be a great day, though; Holy Trinity has a lot of families with children, so that’s a revenue stream right there, and a lot of folks are either looking for something to do after church or looking for a way to glorify demons when others are at their houses of worship (levity, y’all. levity).

      The weather will be perfect and we have an expert coming in to redesign the maze.

  2. My daughter will be really upset if she doesn’t win the Cake Walk again this year!

    It’s a great time out for the little ones – we love a good old-fashioned fall festival at the Arriba household.

  3. The scarecrows alone are worth coming for! They are pretty dern impressive from John Lennon Imagine to AsCrownaut and Carecrows. The Haunted House is even an International Baccalaureate haunted house plus we have a Netherworld alumni doing make up! It’s gonna be a good old fashioned carnival and great event!!!

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