Decatur and Emory Point Recognized by ARC

Michael also points to this release by the Atlanta Regional Commission…

The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) and the Livable Communities Coalition (LCC) recognized five of the region’s most innovative developments and one “Great Place,” with the 2012 Developments of Excellence Awards. The winners, announced at ARC’s annual State of the Region breakfast on Friday, October 12, were:

  • Historic Fourth Ward Park, Development of Excellence
  • Downtown Decatur, Great Place
  • Downtown Norcross, Livable Centers Initiative Achievement Award
  • College Park Gateway Center, Exceptional Merit for Public-Private Partnership
  • Ivy Hall, Exceptional Merit for Historic Preservation
  • Emory Point, Exceptional Merit for Infill Development

After the jump you can read the specific write ups for Decatur and Emory Point.  At the end of the other link above you can read ALL the individual write ups!

Downtown Decatur

Besides committed leaders, engaged businesses and active residents, all great places have one thing in common: a long-term commitment to a vision for what they want to be. The City of Decatur made that commitment in the 1980s, and has been creating and perfecting its vision ever since. From an historic courthouse renovated into a meeting space and reception hall, to a mix of shopping, recreation, entertainment, dining and services, Decatur offers something for everyone. And it presents these offerings in a walkable, transit-connected downtown. Residents can walk and bike just about anywhere they want to go to enjoy Decatur’s quality schools, active night life and variety of housing options for the city’s young and old alike.

Emory Point

Exceptional Merit for Infill Development

Emory Point is the first new retail project built in the Emory area in the last 20 years and is also the first partnership between Atlanta-based companies Cousins Properties and Gables Residential. Located on Clifton Road adjacent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and a stone’s throw from Emory University, phase one of Emory Point features 443 EarthCraft-certified luxury apartments. The development will feature 80,000 square feet of retail and dining space, most of which is scheduled to open this year. Emory Point also includes a one-acre park, 25 acres of protected woodlands, a rainwater capture system, drought-resistant landscaping and electric vehicle charging stations, all accessible to nearby employers by foot, bike, car and transit.

Photo courtesy of the ARC website

6 thoughts on “Decatur and Emory Point Recognized by ARC”

  1. I suppose the list of candidates for Infill Development was very very short.

    Decatur deserves praise. Sharing the headline here is unfortunate.

      1. I thought the jury is still out on the overall impact of Emory Point.

        Michael hits some of that uncertainty
        . “it looks like it is going to turn out”
        . “will probably affect Clifton traffic adversely, but someday we will get”

      2. The development might deserve recognition as a Pedestrian Community (zoning) success story some time after the residential tower(s) go up.

  2. I, too, am curious… After dreading this development, it looks like it is going to turn out to be pretty cool. There are going to be great restaurants there and the whole development looks walkable and I think the way it addresses the street is also not bad… It will probably affect Clifton traffic adversely, but someday we will get transit through there.

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