Updated: Asheville’s “Chai Pani” Signs Lease for Old Watershed Space

UPDATE: No longer a rumor.  Chai Pani confirmed it on their Twitter page HERE.


Michael points out this Atlanta Mag food critic Bill Addison tweet

Heard that @chaipani, which rocks Mumbai-style street food & thalis in Asheville, just signed a lease on Watershed’s old Decatur space. #yes

Nothing yet on Chai Pani’s Twitter page or website.

Is this Asheville’s trade to Decatur for the recent news that Farm Burger – which is located in the same building as the old Watershed space – would be opening a 4th location in Asheville?

Regardless, great news for the Decatur restaurant scene and the West Ponce streetscape!

26 thoughts on “Updated: Asheville’s “Chai Pani” Signs Lease for Old Watershed Space”

  1. Decatur, wearing Cowboy hat, speaking to Asheville:

    Asheville, we need you. Hell, I need you. I miss you so damn much . . . I miss being near you. I miss your scent, I miss your musk. When all this gets sorted out, you and me should get an apartment together!

  2. OMG….. yippee

    I have been saying I want TDS meets Indian Food and perhaps this will ring the bell.

    Meaning clean, efficient, consistent, fresh

  3. this is hilarious, my first thought was there must be a decatur/asheville fantasy restaurant league

  4. Well, I always fantasize about a Laughing Seed, but this’ll certainly be welcome! Just very glad that the Watershed space is getting a good tenant.

    1. +1 for Laughing Seed as well. Also – it’s probably time for us to begin preparations for a Decatur to Asheville shuttle..?

  5. If I hold my breath long enough will The Wedge open here, too? And when do we get half price beer like they have every day in Asheville?

  6. Fantastic news! The wife and I both loved Chai Pani on our one visit, and it was definitely on our list of Asheville eateries to return to.

  7. Wow! We just ate there for the first time two weeks ago when up in Asheville. Wasn’t “groundbreaking”, and the portions weren’t exactly huge, but it was very delicious, very fresh, and the owner and staff were great. This is fantastic news and Decatur is going to love this.

  8. Awesome. The menu looks tasty, if not particularly darning.

    Now all we need is a Chinese restaurant. …one that serves actual Chinese food, and not Kung pao, General whatshisface, and all that gweilo stuff. I gots me a hankering for pork “intestine”, goose uterus soup, and spicy salted shrimp with heads.

  9. Nice!!!! My family and I eat there everytime we get to Asheville. The tandori fish wrap is my go to and there are a ton of really good veggie options too! Very cool concept and really friendly enviroment as well. Excited about this one!!

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