East Ponce and Drexel Ave Among the Decatur Repaving Recommendations

Among the most exciting items on tonight’s Decatur City Commission agenda: repaving of Decatur’s streets under the Georgia Department of Transportation local grant program!

Though the way this work is being contracted has changed –  the city now contracts out the work, not the state – the selection process remains the same.  And after reviewing the 2012 priority list and evaluating “complaints and inquiries from citizens” the following streets have been recommended by Asst. City Manager David Junger for repaving to the Decatur City Commission…

  • East Ponce de Leon Ave from Commerce Drive to Sycamore Drive
  • Drexel Ave from West Ponce de Leon Ave to West Howard Ave
  • Chevelle Lane from city limit to end of street
  • Parkside Circle from Scott Boulevard to Scott Boulevard

5 thoughts on “East Ponce and Drexel Ave Among the Decatur Repaving Recommendations”

  1. I would love it if we could look at some traffic calming solutions for E. Ponce de Leon Ave during the repave. Cars fly through that section of Ponce and its often pretty scary… maybe some built in brick crosswalks at Commerce, Glendale Ave, Sycamore Dr?

    1. Yes to traffic calming, no to brick crosswalks. Have you seen the ones on South Candler between College Ave and Winnona? They looked lovely for about 3 weeks after being installed, and are now completely gone. There’s just a 2″ deep ground up rut where the crosswalk used to be, not to mention all the brick debris that was flying all over the place as the thing disintegrated.

  2. I know all the residents of Chevelle Lane will be THRILLED! Can we get some speed bumps on our quiet, dead-end, many small children street that inexplicably has a 35 mph speed limit while we’re at it??

  3. I was really hoping for the northeast bound section of Oakview in Decatur between Hosea and Hill. They did the other side a year ago but this section is a disaster.

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