Decatur Low Country Boil at Leaping Lizards This Year

DEF’s Gail Rothman writes in…

This year DEF’s Low Country Boil marks 10 years of partying for a great cause.  It’s the same great event but now at a bigger venue – Leapin’ Lizards – by day a place to occupy your kids but on October 11th a place for great food, great drink, great music and adults only!

For information and to purchase tickets visit  Tickets include dinner, 2 drink tickets, live music and the opportunity to bid on some great vacation and restaurant items.
An event Tshirt is available for tickets purchased by Monday, October 1.
Tickets are $60 ($40 for City Schools of Decatur employees) through October 8th and $75 at the door so don’t delay!

44 thoughts on “Decatur Low Country Boil at Leaping Lizards This Year”

  1. Rob and Nellie: what is the matter with you two? This is a fundraiser which many people are working hard to pull off successfully in support of an excellent cause. If you don’t want to go, then don’t. If you feel strongly about the venue (or any other choices the organizers have made), then consider getting involved your own self and help make it better next year. I’m sure DEF would welcome the help. Meanwhile, if you can’t say something positive about it, then think about keeping yer yaps shut!

    1. A good friend of mine started this fundraiser. I’m sure a lot of thought went into choosing a venue for it, as it has been well-established for a number of years. Think positive and give it a chance.

    2. Excuse me, STG? I think it is a terrible location. I said it again. I do a lot of fundraisers and events and I know exactly what goes into them. Venue is very important. This venue has the charm of a big open room with plain walls, bouncy castles and industrial carpet.

      1. I’ve never been to this Leapy Lizards place, so have absolutely no opinion on it as a venue for this event. My gripe is with badmouthing a non-profit fundraiser in a public forum like this, which theoretically could undermine attendance and support. Every year, when the BBQ Fest draws near, a few people feel compelled to take potshots at it for one reason or another, and that irks me in the same way. It’s so easy to sit back and critique what other people are doing to promote good causes and change things for the better. If you are involved in a lot of fundraisers yourself, then I am even more surprised you would do that. Not everything that occurs to us needs to be said aloud with a megaphone.

        1. Actually what I have learned is that any event, no matter how well-done, will attract complaints because not all of us see things the same way. I always approach things wanting to hear the criticism upfront so I can fix it or mitigate it. Regardless, someone is going to hate what you did. It’s the nature of things and no one has ever learned anything by not getting an honest opinion from people.

          1. + 1 DEF took a completely proactive approach in response to this discussion. It emailed out a detailed explanation of this year’s event that’s sure to drum up more business. More folks are aware of the good food and spacious digs plus that this is an adult event even though it’s in a usually kiddy venue. A defensive posture would have had the opposite effect. Guilt and shame do not entice folks to part with $120 per couple. The promise of a good time does! I love shrimp.

            1. I agree. I assumed -wrongly- that the houses would be inflated. That gives me the absolute willies. Gail responded thoughtfully and, now that I know that the houses are down, I would be more comfortable attending.

    3. I’m entitled to my opinion & truly believe it is a horrible venue. Great cause but a horrible venue. I’ll find other ways to support DEF!

      1. Of course you are entitled to your opinion. You are also entitled to express it at every opportunity, regardless of any effect your statement might have. By all means, share every thought that crosses your mind, if that suits you. By the same token, I am entitled to my opinion, which is this: it is not necessary to share every single thing that occurs to you, especially if the thought is a critical, negative opinion about an event that a bunch of volunteers are working hard to pull off successfully.

  2. Considering this is the first year for the Leaping Lizard location I will give it a chance because it is for good cause. Can’t knock it (the location) until you try it.

  3. Occupy your kids. Is that anything like Occupy Wall Street?
    I bought my tickets without even noticing the venue. Now I’m intrigued! Will we get to play?

  4. Dumb but real question. What’s the intent of the location? Kids bounce while adults eat? Adults bounce? Big open space?:

  5. Maybe adults do get to bounce and that is why there is no longer an open bar (just two drink tickets instead). Or some lawyers got involved.

  6. Before we moved here, we lived in a place with one of these bounce house/ video game/ climbing maze places. It also had a huge bar. A beer makes the screaming sensory overload almost bearable. After 9, I hear the bounce houses were full of drunk adults.

    So it could be fun.

  7. i am sure the bounce houses will be deflated, right? and for those who aren’t loving the venue you could still buy a ticket to support DEF and just not go to the actual event. DEF does amazing things but can’t continue doing so without our support.

      1. i have been in there, yes…there is also another huge room that they use for private parties but when i’ve been there for boot camp there is n’er a bounce house in sight so there must be a place to store the massive structures when they aren’t using them.

  8. It’s an adult party, no kids. This major fund-raising event outgrew the Solarium and needs a new home with plenty of space for all of its enthusiastic supporters and attendees. Who can argue with success? Give it a chance! Think of the children! (Seriously, this time.)

  9. Do you have to dress up for this event? On the one hand, shrimp and dripping butter makes me think of casual summer beach seafood events. On the other hand, $60 per person makes me think that some will put effort into how they look. But then again, Leaping Lizards and industrial carpet makes me think casual again. Not sure this couple can dress up on weekday evening………

  10. From Gail at DEF: I hope you will all keep an open mind! There was a need to find a larger venue for this event which has tripled in the past 3 years. Last year we were too big a crowd for the Solarium and were forced to think outside the box. There are very few venues which can hold a crowd this big AND have onsite cooking and are in the city limits all of which were important elements in the venue decision. There will be NO bouncy tents at the event and no kids. The tents are all deflated and taken away and a great crew of volunteers has been working hard to transform the space – but keep in mind this has always been a very casual event and that will remain. The event will still have great food but now there will be enough tables for everyone to sit down and eat. There will be more room for the auction and live music and easier flow so that you can mix and mingle with hundreds of your friends and neighbors. I appreciate you all keeping an open mind – it is always hard to make any changes on an event that is so well loved by the community but we hope the benefits will outweigh the challenges.

  11. May I just say that it is this sort of snotty, back-biting vicious nastiness that makes me so hesitant to want to join Decatur by annexation. I don’t know you people. Where the h*ll did you and your attitudes come from?

    1. It’s not all nastiness. I learned that huge inflatables at bouncy places are deflated daily (and presumably re-inflated with fresh air.) Who knew? Learning new things daily on DM!

      I still need to know if this is a dress-up affair. I.e. is it more along the lines of the old Westchester auction at the Courthouse in which hard-working volunteers and attendees dressed to the hilt? The RMS auction has a touch of that. Or is it more like jeans and lobster bibs? Quelle horreur if we were to show up inappropriately attired! Our yard is bad enough.

    2. Been here 13+ years and I’ve witnessed first-hand a dramatic increase in this type of behavior/attitude. Welcome to the new Sandy Springs.

      You should try being a member of a different political party than 85% of your town (sorry, I mean city). That’s when things get REALLY interesting.

      On the other hand, reading AHID’s always-sunny posts continually reassures me not all is lost.

      Wish I could attend this event, but have prior commitments. I would consider changing those plans if the bounce houses were there. 🙂

      1. Hear, hear! I know this isn’t a political issue but it’s always nice when I can reach across the aisle and second a rat’s, er, Republican’s, motion. We also have a prior commitment that will keep us from the event that I would totally cancel if the bounce houses were in play!

      2. Token – I wonder if attitudes have really changed that much or just that now you have access to many more of them via these intertuby things.

      3. You’d be cranky too if you bought at the height of the damn MARKET!!!!! Eh hem…(straightens tie, wonders why he’s wearing a tie, sits down)

        Where’s Cranky? I’m hijacking her name and changing it to cranky new timer. This blog has made me old and crotchety beyond my years. 🙂

        1. Cranky is a her? I was sure I knew who Cranky Old Timer was and it was a him. Hmmm. More proof that one should never assume….

  12. Definitely has more of a casual vibe – lots of people in jeans and tshirts – started in a backyard and it has retained the comfortable and casual atmosphere over the years. Of course with 400 people there is wide range but I’d say definitely more on the casual side.

  13. Thanks for reminding us, Gail, that this event started in a community member’s BACK YARD and has grown so much that this is about the only venue within the city limits that can hold the event. That says a lot about its popularity and your leadership. Kudos! If certain people have their panties in a wad and don’t show up, that is less money for our kids but more shrimp for me. But the point is, it’s not like this started at the Ritz and is now slumming it.

  14. I’ll bet that all this discussion is good publicity for the event. There are SO many fundraising events and volunteer opportunities for the schools, Scouts, church, charities, running events, city, etc. that they can get lost in my email inbox. I’ll bet that happens to others. Whereas this discussion has made us acutely aware of the fact that the Low Country Boil is coming right up, is nearby, has 400 people so there must be someone familiar there, and does not require a svelte, stylish outfit and perm. Somewhere in all this I discovered that you save $15 per person if signed up soon.

    Remaining questions for experienced attendees:
    – How “couple-y” is this event? I’m an easier sell for social events than is my significant other.
    – Please describe the food. That could be the tipping point.

    1. Don’t forget, we also learned that Nelliebelle and Rob seem to have an irrational fear of bounce houses 😉

      1. I HATE THEM. I seriously get a huge hit of stress when I see one. HUGE. Leapin’ Lizards makes me cringe on the inside; I manipulate like mad to get out of going to birthday parties there. I am not kidding.

  15. Oh, forgot to mention that the new venue has enough space to have 2 WOW PhotoBooths free to our guests thanks to sponsorship by which is a local business loyalty app! Now you can capture your Boil experience with a photostrip!

    1. Oh, so I do need some makeup and a perm? JUst kidding! Just asked significant other re going. He said “Do I have to answer now?”. That’s a yes.

  16. Wow. Now I’m concerned about the venue. Can I get a refund?
    Just kidding.
    I am passing on a house concert by one of my favorite singers to go to the Boil. And also blowing off a non-profit board meeting. Beer and shrimp win.

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