The Pinewood Now Open for Lunch

Decatur lunchers now have another lunch option if they’re looking for a noon day lunch out on the town.  A bit of news from a restaurant that’s only been open in the evenings to-date…

The Pinewood located in Decatur is now serving lunch for sit-down and on-the-go diners, Monday through Friday from 12-2 p.m.

Guests may either call in their order or order at the counter. Diners who place their lunch order to go will receive their meal in a brown-bag with napkins and utensils inside.

The new lunch menu includes sandwiches, salads and soup, as well as side items. All sandwich options include the choice of any side item. Along with the aim to serve tasty, chef-driven food, The Pinewood is also committed to providing healthy menu options.

Photo courtesy of The Pinewood’s Facebook page

6 thoughts on “The Pinewood Now Open for Lunch”

  1. Had dinner here with my wife last Saturday and it was really good – in addition to a few very tasty cocktails. I plan I checking out their lunch very soon.

  2. I’ve been once and was very pleased. Have now tried to go two more times and they haven’t been open. My colleague and I cut out of work early to have a cocktail to find out they were not open until 5. And then a few weeks later we tried again at 515 only to find out they were now not open until 6 although the sign said open. If you are going to do cocktails, doesn’t it make sense to be open when folks leave work?

    1. That’s funny. I met the owner on opening day, and mentioned that I set up a lot of business meetings over drinks at 5:00 so everyone can get home to families. I also told him that on Fridays, most of those business meetings start earlier, about 4:00. I asked if they could open up an hour earlier on Fridays to catch that traffic. A few days later, all of their hours went to 6.

      I’ve had a ton of after-work business meetings in Decatur bars; none at Pinewood. Too bad because I really enjoyed those cocktails.

  3. The first time I went I absolutely loved everything about it, including the super cheap price for some really awesome food ($12 for a meat and two). Then we went a few weeks ago and the prices had gone up and the portions had gone down, quite considerably. In fact they were using the same plates so my food looked minuscule on a very large plate. And no more pork chops at all. Quite disappointing…although the cocktails were still great!

  4. I had the same experience as tiptoe. The food is very good, cocktails excellent but pricey. This last time the service was horrible and I was at the bar. After 50 minutes of waiting for our brunch finally talked with the manager. Our Sunday brunch took just shy of 2 hours. Hope they work things out for I have had two great times, one okay but nothing special and one dreadful time there. Small thing but what restaurant does not have decaff coffee when they are serving brunch?

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