Reminder: Decatur Beer Festival Tickets Go On Sale at Noon Today

Don’t forget, Decatur Beer Festival tickets go on sale at noon today.  Last year, tickets sold out in a little more than one hour, so do not delay!

Purchase your $40 tickets at Ticket Alternative HERE.  Limit 4 per customer.

21 thoughts on “Reminder: Decatur Beer Festival Tickets Go On Sale at Noon Today”

  1. Idiot Beer Festival people scheduling it for the weekend I have to go to a wedding in Savannah. I hope it rains. Wait, no, I hope there’s a freaking monsoon…

      1. If it was friends of *mine*, I’d consider that. Hell, if it was my friends we wouldn’t have this problem in the first place because they’d never get married Decatur Beer Fest weekend and, if they did, they’d understand why I couldn’t make it. But these are Mrs. J_T’s friends. Doh! Fortunately the wedding is in Savannah and I’m told that it will be like a weekend-long beer festival anyway, so there’s that…

  2. Ticket purchased! Can’t wait for all of the smiling participants to ruin downtown Decatur for yet another Saturday afternoon in October!

  3. Is my memory failing, or was the limit only 2 last year? With 4 as the limit, I’ll bet it takes even less time than last year to sell out. I think it was 72 minutes.

    Regardless, we just ordered ours!

  4. We got ours and will be there! We bought extras and I am now taking bribes for people wanting to buy our extra tickets….must line up babysitter pronto. (sorry J_T – do you want me to get you a shirt this year? you can have my tasting glass)

    1. Oh Cuba, when did you get so touchy? Now, on principle, I just can’t apolgize! Well, except maybe personally to Nubbs so that she might snag me a shirt 😉

      1. If it rains, I will not buy you a shirt.
        Cuba – he knows where I live, so I have to be kind of nice to him….

        1. You don’t *have* to be nice. Though you’re right about me knowing where you live. And I’ve got lots of ideas for loud, annoying toys that Baby Nubbs would no doubt love to play with. Is he old enough for fireworks yet?

      2. Hey– when it comes to my outdoor beer drinkin’, I don’t take kindly to potential jinxes. So if it rains, I’ma have to lay some Santeria on you as punishment. Don’t say you weren’t warned!!!

  5. Got tickets!

    I had to excuse myself from a meeting in the conference room to place the order. I’d put together a long list of imaginative excuses to ply my co-workers with, as the meeting went longer and longer than expected, but in the end, none of them were necessary.

    I simply walked out of the room with a knowing nod to the boss. I wonder if that’ll work every Monday?

    1. I did the same thing!

      And Keith F: you’re right, it was limit 2 last year. It was much easier to coordinate my big group of beer drinkers this year.

  6. Got ours! Woooooot!!! Had to miss it last year, gonna really enjoy it this year! (And Junderscore, I mighta given you my commemorative glass in sympathy, till you wished rain on us. 😐 BOOOOO!)

  7. Got mine! My friends never believe me about how fast they go – they always plan to discuss with their spouse, or wait until after work… where’s their commitment?

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