Morning Metro: Oak Grove Growlers, “The Stadium Effect”, and Europeans Have More Cars

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      1. GOSH! You were talking about about that place before the doors even opened. Did you even take the kid up on his drink offer?

  1. Anyone interested in the political history of the built environment of Atlanta, as well as having an understanding the impact (plus and minuses) of the Dome, stadium and GWC on their surrounding very historic neighborhoods, should read Thomas Wheatley’s article. It is kind of long, but very worthwhile read for any student of our Atlanta history.Thank you Thomas!

    1. Definitely an interesting read! Thomas Wheatley does such a terrific job of daily reporting, but when he gets to really tackle something, he’s the best danged journalist around! Looking forward to following his updates.

  2. Thank God the AJC article didn’t say that Kensington Marta station is in “Decatur.” Because it’s not “Decatur”, damnit and thank you very much. All that bad stuff happens waaaaaaaay outside of our protective City Limits.

    1. That’s OK, channel 5 did say Decatur and the way their original story was written, it sounded like it could have actually been Decatur Station. I sent them a nastygram email and I see this morning that they have cleaned it up.

        1. Shush now! You’re gonna mess up my tv news viewing fun! Totally cracks me up when a crime story gets reported as Decatur, then BAM! — the next time they cover it, the reporter is VERY precise about the locale and the screen’s been updated. That’s how I know our Steve’s gotten after them again! :0)

  3. Love that photo of the Decatur Theater. According to my dad—DHS Class of 1953—it stood where Eddie’s/Sammitches & Stuff is now. (And for those of you who are going to say, no, that’s where Belk’s was, that is also true. Belk’s was next door to the theater. After the theater went away, Belk’s expanded into that space.)

    1. I believe that the Decatur Theater occupied the space that is now the vacant lot next to Eddie’s/Sammitches. I believe I was told that it was torn down in the mid to late 60s (after becoming an adult theater), perhaps around the time that Belk moved to Suburban Plaza.
      I’m sure there is someone out there who would know definitively.

      1. Although it was many years ago, I saw numerous movies, some good, at the Decatur Movies Theater. I agree it was where the parking lot now is.

      2. Belk’s did not move its downtown Decatur store to Suburban Plaza. It was one of the original tenants when Suburban opened.

    1. Anyone know what happened with the 212 Olympic Place ZBA? I love our local streams and want to know if the variance was granted. COD web doesn’t have anything.

      1. I meant to come back and say something sooner—I was waiting to see if the materials packet got added. Basically, what seemed like it might be a major big deal wasn’t, and the variance was approved.

        The stream area will definitely benefit as there will be an increase of good water going into it, thanks to the rain garden and rock beds on the property filtering it. (John Madajewski also pointed out that having invested home owners should help curb dumping issues, but, if not, the City will continue to address). Due to the lot shape, the original plans had to be redone, and the house will now be closer to the street. (No one in the room saw this as an issue. Thrive will use the same setback for the house to be built next door.) The house is out of the 50’ buffer zone. The variance allows for a small section of driveway in the zone so that a reg. size car can back out of the garage (now under house). The side yard part was to allow for the basement window well wall– approx 6”. The front of the house can’t exceed the 30’ elevation allowed. The 4 conditions stipulated: 1) removal of drain at driveway; 2) rain garden to extend across entire back yard; 3) side yard variance for window well only; and 4) building official to determine min. length necessary for driveway.

  4. The Decatur Theater was where the parking lot is next to Eddie’s Attic . In the late 70’s when about the time the Marta station was built, the theatre was a church for a while , not very long after that it was torn down. I am still researching when it became a church, I sure wish I had a picture of it when it was a church. I grew up in Decatur and went to the movies at The Decatur Theatre all the time. I even have a blog dedicated to the Decatur Theatre.
    Here is the Web site:

    Next Stop…Decatur

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