Adult Playground Equipment Coming to Glenlake and McKoy Parks

Another tidbit from the September Decatur Focus

Yes, you read that correctly. Thanks to our creative Active Living staff, Glenlake Park and McKoy Park will soon have new playground equipment designed for adults. This equipment offers fun, outdoor exercise options, proving that park fitness equipment isn’t just for kids. The department plans to add this type of equipment to other city parks in the future as part of our annual playground maintenance and replacement budget.

The Active Living staff has expanded the “Walk There Decatur” campaign with new signs located at key activity centers around the city listing the walking distances and number of steps to other activities in the city. It’s just one more way to get people to try walking to the post office from the square or to consider walking from downtown to Oakhurst.

21 thoughts on “Adult Playground Equipment Coming to Glenlake and McKoy Parks”

  1. This is awesome, and a development long overdue.

    Of course, in college we’d create our own adult playground by trying to run up the slide at the McDonald’s PlayPlace in socks before the staff threw us out.

  2. Does this mean I can cry, yell, and jump up and down like my 8 year old does when my wife tells us it’s time to leave the park and go home?

  3. here here on the splash pad
    Sounds like fun.
    I’d like another thread on the walk there campaign…the pedestrian signals at lights and need to press buttons not all of which seem to work is a real problem for easy carefree walking

    1. I have emailed reports of nonworking pedestrian signal buttons to the city engineer. It took a couple of months, but eventually Dekalb (who controls the lights) fixed them.

  4. Adult toys in Decatur? Thank goodness. I am so tired of having to drive all the way to Cheshire Bridge. Way to go, Decatur Active Living!

  5. The first round of equipment will be going in Glenlake Park. The equipment includes an elliptical terrainer, fitness bike, leg press machine and seated strength trainer. We hope to have them installed later this month. We are living up to our title from the KP Corporate Run/Walk of Most Fit City!! Enjoy.

  6. What about a merry-go-round (or spinner or whatever they were called) thing like we used to have, the ones that you ran around and pushed on ’til they were going fast, then hopped on for a ride? Why did those go away and can the adults have one, please?

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