Decatur’s Newest Street Sign?

Tonio sends in this pic of a new street sign that’s appeared along Brower Street near Decatur’s southern border.

18 thoughts on “Decatur’s Newest Street Sign?”

      1. I’m calling your bluff
        I have toyed with the idea of burning your stuff
        This is so rough
        And it’s as if deserting me wasn’t enough
        Well I’ve had enough
        I’m calling your bluff

        -My Favorite Highway

    1. Was there a bluff then? I feel like there should be some vague relevance to place names. LIke how weird is it that Lake Claire does not have a lake? Nor East Lake! And when I see development names like “Waverly Plantation”, I assume that there was once a great house and vast fields of cotton to pick. And I sure hope that Señor Ponce de Leon strayed somewhere near here. I mean, if “Overlook Bluff does not have anything with a view or a rise, then why the name? Why not Old Arroyo Road? Green Gulch? Riverside Lane? Pacific Drive? Windmill Road? New Jersey Turnpike?

      1. There actually once was a Lake Claire. But it turned into Bog Claire, so they drained it. Now it’s just a figment — sort of like the Overlooked Bluff.

    2. cul de sac? new? what’s going to happen in the new cul de sac with the new name, the new overlook bluff?

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