Emory Point Map Released

Looking to get a sense for the new Emory Point development on Clifton Road that opens this fall?  I found this on the Clairmont Heights Civic Association site this morning.  Thought it might be of interest!

9 thoughts on “Emory Point Map Released”

  1. Nice development. It will probably compete with downtown Decatur for Emory traffic. That’s not all bad – I’d love to have the Brick Store back from the college kids.

    But… Traffic on Clifton will only get worse… And that’s saying something!

    You know… somebody should try to get a Marta line going through here!

  2. Glad to see ther are no additional traffic circles. The one down the street from Emory raises my blood pressure whenever I approach it.

    1. The early rumor of an “East Egg” was only half true: we are coming to Emory Point, but as The General Muir. Instead of just replicating West Egg, we want to bring something different to this location. For years we have wanted to do an updated Jewish deli where we make our own pastrami, bagels, etc. Like West Egg, we will serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch. We are going to have a strong coffee component serving locally-roasted coffee from our great friends at Batdorf & Bronson. Check out our facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/TheGeneralMuir, for additional background and progress updates. We are excited to be coming to the area!

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