New “Coastal Mexican” Restaurant Taking Over Old Feast Space

James took this pic of a new restaurant sign hanging in the old Feast space along East Howard Avenue in the Old Decatur neighborhood.  MAR’s website describes the venture thusly…

Coastal Mexican Fare Comes to Decatur.

Wood-roasted Fish. Coastal Tacos.  Tostados.

Ceviche. Aguachile. Sashimi. Carpaccio. Oysters. Lobster + Crab Buckets.

Tequilas. Mojitos.  Micheladas. Margaritas.

69 thoughts on “New “Coastal Mexican” Restaurant Taking Over Old Feast Space”

  1. I miss Feast. I miss Teri and I miss Robin. I hope they’re both doing well.
    That being said, this sounds very good!

  2. That’s just a terrible sign, the lighting is too small, the inside furniture looks very uncomfortable, and the stumbling drunks that are going to come out of the place will simply be intolerable. But, I wish them all the luck in the world.

    1. I don’t see a kid’s menu. Don’t care how good it is, unless they serve chicken fingers and have placemats you can draw on, we won’t be stepping foot in there.

    2. Um, why do you expect stumbling drunks? In fact I wonder why so many responses equate Mexican drinks with unbridled intoxication.
      My lesser half and I love Margaritas and Mojitos, we are both boringly sober.
      Menue sounds great.

      I miss Feast too!

            1. I know. I couldn’t believe she went there either! Anywho, DM is really fun a few hours into Friday drinking time. Thank god it’s set to private and nobody else can see what I’m writing…

                1. Damn, I’ve said a lot worse without being edited! But yes, please do not leave me alone with either Nellie or Cuba. They scare the bejeesus out of me!

                  1. J_T!!! GRRRRrrr!!! You best be hiding behind DM– from ME!!! Penelope’s as delightful an English rose as you could ever hope to meet! And I had the joy of meeting her because she turned up on Decatur Metro!

                    …hey, maybe MAR will become our very own UN melting pot of meet-up spots! :0)

                    1. Bah! I think you misunderstood, Deanne. I was making fun of Cubalibre, not Penelope. And we all know that *that* feisty chica can take it as well as she can dish it out ! I can’t help it if you people were just too sober to appreciate my humor 😉

                      And you MAR people, welcome to the neighborhood. Just a small request – I understand that “Coastal” means “fish” but please, please, please have a few good non-seafood options for us pescaphobes!

                    2. J_T- Boy, you musta been a handful growing up– look at you trying to switch it to cuba! (I saw the orignal comment– and giggled despite it being all kinds of wrong!) I’m just giving you grief! :0)

                      Oh lordy, you and seafood, Token and cheese… y’all are missing out on the finest foods in life!

                    3. So there’s no misunderstandings: J_T’s comment really was him trying to provoke a howl from cuba in fun, knowing he’d get as good as he gave. (I couldn’t resist yanking his chain, but we left it in kinda a mess.) He’s a bad bad boy, but he’s OUR bad bad boy!

                2. Got-dangit, DM– you coulda left it up long enough for ME to see!!! Seriously– we all know Junderscore’s got the pottymind of the century, but how bad could it have been?

      1. PENELOPE!!! YAY!!! SO GLAD to see you back on here!!!

        (My, but you’re one for dramatic entrances!!! LOL!!! :0)

  3. This is a great addition to this area. I am glad they’re coming here. Finally some real Mexican place coming to our area. Best of luck.

  4. If I was still in my twenties or thirties, ceviche and four or five mojitos sounds like and evening.
    And a michelada the next morning to recover.
    Come to think of it, that’s still not a bad plan.

    1. That’s what I was thinking. I wonder if MAR is going to be a bit more upscale? I haven’t seen a menu for the other place going into the former Greek diner but bet that place ends up being a little cheaper and basic overall – but who knows? Then we have Raging Burrito right in the middle –

  5. Seems like Our Fair City can never have just one of anything. But I’d settle for just one decent Chinese restaurant. Something a cut above the joint that briefly occupied the Burnt Fork space …

    1. Totally understand the sentiment, but a good Mexican seafood restaurant is a completely different animal from the more standard Mexican joints we are inundated with here. I still drool remembering the Mexican seafood place out in San Diego at which we celebrated my father’s retirement as a Delta captain. Fish tacos and empanadas to die for, the freshest ceviche I’d ever had, a marvelous caldo de pescado (fish soup)… on and on. Seafood is often an afterthought at most Mexican restaurants. I’m really hoping MAR hits the “coastal Mexican” sweet spot I’ve longed for in Atlanta, much less in my backyard.

  6. A vegetarian restaurant along the lines of a Sunflower Cafe in Buckhead would really fill a niche I would think.

  7. I’m delighted with this news. Terri had a fantastic wood oven installed there, and wood-roasted Mexican fish is a delight. Glad that oven is going to get fired up again!

  8. i was sad to see teri’s amazing bar removed but i am very much looking forward to what mar will do with the space and wish them the best of luck!

  9. entertaining commentary! we’re looking forward to pleasantly surprising you all….join us and we’ll give you a cushion if you need one and cerveza to boot. only indie-catur.

  10. How much Mexican food can Decatur stand? We’ve got two in Oakhurst, BigTexMex Cantina, the place replacing the Decatur Diner, and now this one? Before it was Harbour, that old house on Church was Tapatio, another Mexican place.

    I see a shakeout coming, especially as the cost of a basket of chips skyrockets due to the Midwest’s drought.

    1. The shakeout is ongoing. We have a variety of types of Mexican joints around town. Some places have been going strong for years, and the ones that don’t make the grade don’t last.

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