Fox Brothers Rib Joint Looks For New Home

Chris is aghast with this blurb from the AJC’s Food and More blog

Although owners were originally eyeing the former Maddy’s location, Fox Bros. Rib Joint is now on the hunt for an alternate space. Buckhead locations are being considered, but no decisions have been finalized.

35 thoughts on “Fox Brothers Rib Joint Looks For New Home”

  1. A rezoning sign is sitting in front of the place. I guess it didn’t work out with the parking. That is going to be a prime location for something when the WalMart gets built.

  2. You know, they were primarily going to use it as a take-out joint and a base for their catering operations, so it wouldn’t have been the great sit-down, hear some blues and eat kinda place that Maddy’s was. I have heard rumblings that Burnt Fork isn’t happy in their location, maybe they could move (or some unsung backyard BBQ hero could test his wings)?

      1. I will never say anything bad about the original Hickory House. Too many good childhood memories.

      1. Maybe. Yes, I mean No. I guess I just don’t know how I feel about all this yet. It’s just so, I don’t know, je ne sais quois.

  3. Heard from a reliable source that the old Maddy’s building needed everything. Basically a tear-down. Not surprised they bailed.

    1. That, plus the tree falling on the original restaurant, caused them to focus on problems they already had.

    2. I heard much the same from a good source. In addition, it had sat unused for long enough that all the variances had lapsed and would require starting from scratch.

  4. I miss Big Greg’s. Great traditional Southern breakfast. Nothing fancy or trendy about it but every once in a while you crave the simplicity of something like that.

  5. Several years ago, the AJC (I think) did an article on how difficult it is for a restaurant to succeed at this location. Maybe things will improve when Surburban Plazza is redeveloped.

    1. Definitely a bad location. Turning left into the driveway off Scott Blvd. is a nightmare. One solution would be to allow access via Medlock Rd behind the restaurant.

    1. Codes changed. From what I understand Maddy’s was somehow grandfathered in and DeKalb County drew the line with the proposed new venture.

    2. A non-conforming property generally loses its “grandfathered” status if it ceases to operate for a certain amount of time. Alternatively, although the proposed use may be permitted, the proposed renovations may not meet current zoning (That is not a deep lot, so setbacks could be an issue. It is a small lot, so parking could also be the problem).

      But, more generally, I agree. Who would oppose a BBQ joint at the site?

    3. If only Decatur had annexed that area along with Suburban Plaza. Who cares about Walmart, we could have made a zoning exemption to allow another Fox Brothers in the city!

  6. This is a real drag. Was looking forward to it. I second the notions regarding Rockin Robs. That was damn fine BBQ and the field peas and snaps were delish.

      1. it’s weird that that is now the “Depot” to people. Back in the olden days, when it was the Freight Room, we’d walk 47 miles up hill in the snow….

        1. It’s still the Freight Room to anyone who used to do the Southern Bicycle League’s Freight Room Ride!

    1. Except for that 55 year old brick pit! You can’t get that kind of flavor out of a new one. It would be a shame to tear that down, although building a new structure around the existing pit would be cost prohibitive. It’s really too bad. Those Fox Brothers guys could do wonders with that pit.

  7. A commenter on the AJC says “I believe they wanted to purchase the building but the landlord wasn’t prepared to sell it.

    1. That is also true. They made an offer and the landlord’s counter was so ridiculous that the impression was that he didn’t really want to sell.

  8. Easy! Move Fox Bros. to the old Ruby Tuesday’s location!
    (Would have said Watershed … but since Farm Burger drove them out of business due to lack of parking….)

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