Decatur Education Foundation Moving Into First Christian Church Space

The DEF’s Gail Rothman sent out this announcement this morning…

We looked at several spaces that would allow expansion without putting stress on our budget and thanks to their Ministry of Hospitality, we will be sharing space at the First Christian Church of Decatur on the corner of W. Ponce and Nelson Ferry Road. Our office suite will front the Nelson Ferry side of the building across the street from the toddler park.

Our new home will allow us to continue to grow and expand the work of the Foundation by extending our capacity through the engagement of more community volunteers.

Please note our new address as of August 1, 2012:

200 Nelson Ferry Road, Suite B

Decatur, GA 30030

6 thoughts on “Decatur Education Foundation Moving Into First Christian Church Space”

  1. And it is so not a graveyard! I pass it multiple times a day on dog walks and other walks into town, and it is always so joyful to see all the kids and their parents at play. I only wish that residents would refrain from using it as a dog park in the early morning hours. I worry about that for health reasons.

  2. I have mixed feelings about the expanded commercial use of this property, even if by non-profits.

  3. How come? Is this any more commercial than a church hosting DEAM or the Phoenix School or the Friend’s school? Just wondering. I’m a big fan of DEF for obvious reasons, of First Christian Church for the Toy Park and the Christmas tree sale (with delivery!!!), and the Toy Park as the best place ever for little ones to learn to walk, trike, scooter, cycle, and skate. So it seems like a triple win. The parents of young kids can move naturally across the street from the Toy Park to assisting DEF!

  4. I guess it won’t be the first time a church is supported by its commercial enterprises.

    Personally, I think churches should be sanctified entities for worship and related teaching, as is the case with Thomas More, for instance.

  5. Just to clarify, the church hosts several groups but not as a commercial enterprise. They do it in the spirit of collaboration and only for non-profits that fit with their mission. We could not be more thrilled to share their space and hope you will all come by and see us.

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