DeKalb History Center’s Menaboni Mural Now Hanging at the Brick Store

The DeKalb History Center’s Athos Menaboni mural, which hung at Decatur First Bank for an awfully long time, has found a new temporary home at the Brick Store Pub.  BSP kicked off its 15-year anniversary week celebration by unveiling the piece which hangs on the pub’s interior northern wall.  A DHC press release for the event recently described the Menaboni’s mural thusly…

Commissioned by Mills B. Lane in 1958, this unique eggshell mural has graced the walls of two banks. Now on loan to Brick Store Pub, the 27-foot mosaic depicts the biblical verse, “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” It will be unveiled at this party.

Terrible photograph courtesy of me

5 thoughts on “DeKalb History Center’s Menaboni Mural Now Hanging at the Brick Store”

  1. Don’t feel bad. With that lighting and the plexiglass, nobody could get a decent picture. What a great spot for that mural, though, and I can’t believe how quickly that got put together (less than a month from idea to fruition). It looks terrific up there.

  2. The mural was originally in a C & S bank branch located where the Emory Credit Union is now. I always enjoyed looking at it while I was ‘banking’ with my grandmother.
    Mills B. Lane of C & S was a major factor in Atlanta’s racial progress in the 1960s when many other cities were facing riots and unrest. He was also instrumental in saving Savannah’s Historic District from destruction and re-development.
    Where is the mural headed after its stay at Brick Store?

    1. The BSP is leasing the mural from the DeKalb History Center and it’s expected to be displayed at the Pub for a few years, at least. There is no good space in the Old Court House for it to be shown, and it’s great that people can see it again.

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