Morning Metro: Ice Cream Trucks Illegality, Shelter Presentation, and Being Respecful to “Yo Mama”

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12 thoughts on “Morning Metro: Ice Cream Trucks Illegality, Shelter Presentation, and Being Respecful to “Yo Mama””

  1. Wish the Fox had made this move a couple months ago . . . my last experience with Ticketmaster was a disaster.

    1. Not sure what the benefit is here. Still paying a fee for buying online and printing out my own tickets.

      1. Not having to deal with Ticketmaster.

        Seriously, in all practicality probably nothing. I just haven’t been a fan of TM after several bad customer service experiences.

    1. Yes, this whole thing is so very sad. What was happening in this man’s brain that allowed him to do what he did is something I don’t even want to try and imagine. Tragic from every single angle you look at it. Somehow I wonder if the guilty plea was really in order to avoid the death penalty or just the only way he knew he had left to accept responsibility. At this point I think death would feel like my friend if it were me.

    2. No words. Not even from me. Except that I’m willing to bet good money that he doesn’t last a year once he’s transferred from DeKalb to the state prison system.

      1. Oh, I actually hope he lasts. I think Keith has it right when he says death would feel like a friend– which is precisely why I hope this person lives until he’s old & grey, and his mind runs an endless reel 24/7 that makes him relive what he did in vivid, nightmarish detail every single day until he closes his eyes for good. Death is too swift and merciful for the likes of him.

  2. Did anyone attend the meeting re: Dekalb’s Animal Shelter? If so, could you report back? Thanks!

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