Morning Metro: Dog Therapy, Cat Resolution, and Peacock Undercarriage

Photo courtesy of Emory University

6 thoughts on “Morning Metro: Dog Therapy, Cat Resolution, and Peacock Undercarriage”

  1. Agnes Scott hosts “Dog Day” every semester during finals, when faculty and staff bring their dogs and let the students run amok with them to relieve stress and tension.

  2. I am glad the cat finally came down. I had a similar, although less dramatic, experience with my cat who spent a night in a tree and came down the next morning. They usually do.

    1. +1 They usually do come down, but they really can stress you out before they do. I hope it gets home.

  3. I can attest that hugging my dog (and my kitties) is the best therapy ever, for whatever’s ailing me (stress, sadness, anger, etc.). I can have a completely crappy day at work, and once I see those little faces looking up at me, mewing/barking for some attention, well…let’s just say the sensation is almost physical. Highly recommend cuddling with a furbaby!

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