More Frozen Yogurt Coming to Decatur

Looks like the Mac Magee’s wait staff was right about the partial renovation of the old Trust Building on Decatur Square.  Tomorrow’s News Today reports

Froyolo will soon open on the Decatur Square. Similar to Swirlin’ Twirlin’ which opened last year on West Ponce, Froyo is attempting to come ITP after launching OTP. I’ve only been to their Sugarloaf location which I think was their first but Froyolo also has locations in Dacula and Hamilton Mill. Swirlin’ Swirlin’ is based in Flowery Branch.

54 thoughts on “More Frozen Yogurt Coming to Decatur”

  1. OK. Now I’m going to be a bit of a downer. Really? Now we will have Yogurt Tap and Swirlin’ Trwirlin’ on (or near) the square, with Red Mango over at the intersection of Clairmont and N. Decatur. Isn’t that three in about a square mile (maybe two miles)?

    1. It’s not a downer really, I find it curious as well. And you left off the Dairy Queen which also has delicious frozen goodies. I have to admit I never realized the demand for cold treats everywhere was so high. Having said that, I would be thrilled if it were super delicious sugary, calorie-filled Smoothie King getting plopped down there.

        1. Suno – I think there’s one at Clairemont and North Decatur, where Baskin Robins used to be.

  2. This harkens to the days of yore when we had Jake’s, Coldstone and Ashton’s within spitting distance and then poof, ice cream left Decatur.

    I love the stucco removal, but it’s a bit like getting a face peel on just the left side of your face.

  3. I don’t have a problem with places for our older kids to hang out that don’t also serve beer or caffeine. So even though it seems redundant, I’m happy with it.

  4. They all offer something a little different.
    YT is the first in the market w/ great brand loyalty.
    Swirlin’ Twirlin’ offers more daily flavors and they have a frequent buyer card.
    Froyolo is also offering smoothies and they’ll be on the Square.

    The marketplace will ultimately determine the winner.

  5. It’s a better location and if efficient will do big business during the concerts on the square. I am sure the rent is more expensive also, so it will need to sell a lot to make a profit.

  6. Have tried Swirlin’ Trwirlin twice now. Service is very friendly and their yogurt is good but have to say Yogurt Tap yogurt is excellent. Will be sticking with Yogurt Tap.

    If I am on the Square and craving a frozen dessert I am heading straight to the King of Pops cart!

  7. Yogurt Tap, Swirlin Twirlin, DQ, Greene’s, New Orleans Snoballs, King of Pops….all tasty treats, indeed. But seriously, ANOTHER one??

    1. Don’t forget Yogli Mogli in Emory Village – that’s my favorite.
      But, yeah, what’s it gonna take to get a smoothie place in town??

  8. Stop the Fro Yo Madness (or as my daughter and I like to call it, Zen Gurt)! Most annoying food trend ever, just ahead of the idea that food trucks should all park somewhere and then you drive TO them…

      1. I’m a softie for food trends if they taste good. But I’m still not there when it comes to bubble tea and snow cones. What happened to gelato as a trendy item? Good modern northern Italian (vs. Sicilian) food, clothes, shoes, and men are expensive but oh so delicious. Bring back gelato.

        1. LOL! So, good Northern Italian men are expensive but delicious? I’ll assume you know this from experience… 😉

          Crackin’ me up here, AHID!

    1. michael, THANK YOU!!! +1 on the food trucks. food trucks, absolutely. food truck “park” (rather, parking lot), not so much.

    2. Actually, I think the food truck park is a great idea. Each day the selection of trucks can be different. I work in an office building and we frequently go out for lunch, but the same old strip mall is always going to be the same old strip mall. I can go to the food truck park and think, “Hmmm, now today what are my choices.”

  9. This is one of those openings where the tenant is secondary. What really matters is that good quality retail space is being rehabbed. If Decatur has indeed reached a FroYo ceiling and the business has to close, they’ll leave behind a fine new spot for someone else. Either way, we win.

  10. I wish it was a bar or b-que joint.

    Seriously… love Yogurt Tap and Snowball Cafe, not only for the yum factor but also because of the very nice owners at both.

  11. DM, thank you for using “frozen yogurt” when you describe this food, and not the trendy term “froyo.” It gets on my ever living last nerve.

    1. It comes with a frozen yogurt, which we call “frogurt.”

      That’s good.

      The frogurt is also cursed.

      Thats bad.

      It comes with a free topping!

      That’s bad.

      The topping contains sodium benzoate.

      That’s bad.

    1. Drove through Candler Park yesterday and there was a guy making roadside crepes in a florist parking lot.

  12. We don’t have a single decent Asian restaurant of any kind in the entire city, but we need three yogurt joints?

  13. Good Asian? Buford Highway. Center of that universe. Bagels? Toco Hill. Center of that universe. Why locate away from their customer base?

    1. Why? Because Decatur is becoming a center of the foodie universe and there’s a lack of good Asian food and bakery stuff.

      1. It’s only a matter of time until Peter Chang opens a place here. And stays for six months. Heck, maybe he’ll be party of the Tasty China outpost coming to the “Emory Area”.

    2. Good point, but it’d be nice to have some good Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Indonesian, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, and/or Malaysian that I could walk to. I think Decatur folk are intelligent enough to appreciate ethnic food that hasn’t been Americanized to the point of being unrecognizable.

  14. Do people actually go to Greene’s? I’ve never been able to figure out how a nuts-and-candy store is thriving in what looks like a very expensive space. Maybe they sell a lot online?

    1. Not positive, but I think they share the building and they also rent part of it out so there’s revenue right there. I don’t go there often but it’s always a good experience. Great bday parties!

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