Gnome March This Weekend Hopes to Break World Record

Are you interested in participating in a gnome march this weekend?  Would you be even more interested if it was a world-record breaking gnome march??  Jenn points to this Facebook post

Gnomies! The bloody Brits have the record now at 478 gnomes! Damn! Last year we had 239. Are we going to give up? Never! Why do we throw our pointy red hats in the ring year after year? Because it is ridiculously fun and we are silly people!

SO, bring two friends and let’s git ’em! We are in cahoots with the Euclid Avenue Yacht Club and marching in the Inman Park Festival Parade, as always!

To be counted, you need: a pointy RED hat, American working class garden gnome attire (ie. overalls), and a sign expressing your pet gnome issue. Popular issues with gnomes are gnomophobia, dandelion genocide, and the legalization of weeds, etc.

Please be sure to sign in, get your individual gnome portrait taken, and stay for the group photo at the finish of the parade!

We will adjourn to the Euclid Avenue Yacht Club afterwards for our victory celebration!

2 thoughts on “Gnome March This Weekend Hopes to Break World Record”

  1. we did this last year & threw the kids in a wagon with a small cooler of beer… was super silly & very fun. the hats are easy to make if you own a gluegun or sewing machine. you don’t need to know anyone — just show up. i’ll probably have some extra hats, too.

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