More Details on Mexican Restaurant Replacing Decatur Diner

Of course, Tomorrow’s News Today has the scoop…

Mike Brosius, who many in Atlanta will know as the man behind multiple successful linen businesses, is getting back into the restaurant business. Brosius, who in 1992 started Omni Linen, later sold it and started Blockbuster Linen which he in turn sold and started Go! Hospitality which he in turn sold, which he sold this past fall. As the name Go! Hospitality suggests, the business caters to the hospitality industry. Clearly Brosius has a knack for the linen business, but he and his wife Lauri also opened a total of four Cinco Mexican Cantina eateries before selling them. All four of the Cinco eateries were rather far out in locales such as Alpharetta, Cumming, Suwanee and in Smyrna at Akers Mill.

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  1. Exciting news. Looking forward to it. That patio has so much potential to offer a vibrant dining experience. I would imagine they will overhaul the diner decor and make it more Mexican. I will be there when they open.

  2. I just ate at the Cinco on Akers Mill this past weekend. I am VERY excited now. Talk about a step in the right direction. The corner of Ponce and Church will be BUBBLING with activity from Leon’s, Yogurt Tap and now the new Mexican restaurant.

  3. I’d rather see Los Hermanos. Good food, far better than Cinco (at least in my experience), and let contrived. I don’t really think Cinco is a fit and don’t see it hanging around much longer than Decatur Diner. At least they will change the ugly exterior!

    1. Aah yes, Los Hermanos, one can only wish I guess – in the meantime looks like we get an updated Chi Chi’s –

  4. Having never been to any of the Cinco Mexican Cantina locations, I feel completely qualified to say that this is not what I was hoping for 😉

    On a (more) serious note, my initial reaction on hearing “Mexican” was “God, I hope Los Hermanos” is coming to Decatur!” Cinco’s menu looks to be a bit expensive for boring Americanized food in a “trendy” atmosphere. But come to think of it, that will probably be a recipe for great success in Decatur.

    Personally, I just want a really good pastor or asada taco for under $3…

      1. Ya know, I’ve been there twice and both times had whatever the daily special from the smoker was. It was pretty damn good both times. Have not tried the regular tacos and never really think to head that way but I guess this will prompt me to do that soon!

  5. Cinco in Smyrna is near my office. Have been there a handful of times and never been disappointed. Also have been twice for a Sunday brunch and they put out an incredible spread at a very reasonable price.

  6. Los Hermanos would be awesome, but beggars can’t be choosers. This does have the potential for making that corner vibrant and filling a gap that, IMO, exists in the Decatur dining scene (my hubby argued that TDS meets that Mexican niche, but I disagree and he ignores the fact that we never go there because it’s either not open or there’s a line that’s not worth waiting in). And just because this guy has owned Cinco restaurants in the past, doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll be getting a Cinco, does it? And if it does, I went to the Cinco in Suwanee once and wasn’t blown away, but I also wasn’t disappointed. It was fine. And if I can sit on that patio and nurse a pitcher of margaritas while people watching, that will be just fine with me.

    Great, now I’m craving the tres leches cake at Los Hermanos…

    1. Agreed…ever since Coyote’s was forced out of the Big Peach site by water/sewer issues (as I understood it from the manager), I have been WAITING for Mexican on the square. We really hoped El Tesoro would be awesome but it wasn’t. Raging Burrito doesn’t count as Mexican, and I agree with the above about TDS. I can’t wait! I can assure you this is a place my family will walk to, hopefully not every weekend (my waistline will balk) but it’s possible…unless the Ghost of Decatur Diner’s Horrible Service lingers…

      1. mmm…Coyote’s…best Margaritas this town ever saw. Miss that place still.
        When I moved here in the 90s, that was the spot….by default perhaps.
        Cinco looks like glorified Moe’s to me. Yay.

    2. A gap? We have Mezcalito’s, which is awesome, and Matador, which is okay.Throw in TDS and RB, which are Mexican flavors, and I am not sure how you are seeing a gap!

      1. D’accord. Between TDS & Mezcalitos, I get my Tex-Cal-Mex itch scratched pretty good here in town. But if they were to be a little more adventurous with the menu (huitlacoche, anyone?), it could bring yet another Mexi-flavored angle. I’m just glad there’s not going to be too much of a gap between the current business’ closing & the new one coming in.

      2. Admittedly, I was thinking gap in the Decatur Square area. I didn’t find the Matador worth returning to after I gave it 2 or 3 chances and, while I like Mezcalito’s, I don’t think of it in the same terms as what I’m hoping this place will be. Like the comment above, I’m thinking in terms of the gap Coyote’s left. I had high hopes when I heard Big Tex was going to be Tex-Mex, but I think they’ve given in to the pressure to bring Fox Bros. to Decatur and gone in a more Tex direction, dropping the Mex part. So the area is ripe for a good Tex-Mex meal, preferably with a great margarita – rocks, no salt. Mmmm.

  7. Really!! This is not a Mexican restaurant but a knock off with made up stuff that is over-priced. We have one good one in Oakhurst and then Los Hermanos.

    1. LOVED Del Taco with its dress-your-own tacos! It was my favorite sneak off campus lunch place! :0)

        1. Yep – there’s one in snellville – it’s packed every time we’ve ventured near, but its good!

  8. I hope they have one of those tortilla machines. They are usually good for keeping bratty kids quiet for a little while.

  9. Tortilla machines? My ears perked up at “bratty kids quiet for a little while.”

    1. There was a tortilla machine in Rio Bravo. When my son was about five it was good for ten to fifteen minutes entertanment.

  10. I just hope they remedy the awful, tacky-looking, junky facade that the Diner installed. Please! This is the crossroads of our wonderful City.

  11. I would like some really good flan. I’m picky about my flan. It shouldn’t be too rubbery, not too sweet or condensed milk tasting. A well-caramelized top is nice. Most flan in Mexican restaurants in Atlanta isn’t too good. It’s more like instant custard than creme caramel, the French version of good flan. I do like the flan in the Peruvian chicken place, Las Brasas.

  12. I used to frequent Guapo’s and Cactus Cantina in DC – huge ritas, great fajitas, mid-level health department scores, low authenticity, totally satisfying places to eat and/or drink. If that’s the idea, count me in.

  13. Nothing beats Mezcalitos. I will continue to drive to Oakhurst for that yummy Mexican food.
    But thrilled we have options.

  14. I see a lot of talk about Los Hermanos and margaritas. Both wonderful things. Worth nothing, however, is that Los Hermanos (the one in Tucker, anyway, I can’t speak for their other locations) does not have a license to serve tequila. If Los Hermanos were to come to Decatur, it’d probably be a good idea for them to go full liquor and not just beer/wine.

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