Oakhurst Elementary School Auction Now Open!

Kolby writes in announcing that Oakhurst Elementary school auction is now open for online bidding.  She continues…

All of our proceeds go towards field experiences for students. Our online auction opens Monday at 6pm and you do not have to be a member of our school to bid on anything. Just go to www.OakhurstAuction.com to bid on great items like restaurant gift certificates, summer camps, and even several vacations! Our live auction is on April 27th and features both student artwork and professional pieces from local artists Jay Wilson and Jeff Lange.

7 thoughts on “Oakhurst Elementary School Auction Now Open!”

  1. Is it just me, or are images broken and missing for everyone in the Catalog area of the online auction? It’s gonna be tough to bid on anything without the ability to view.

      1. Hi Brady…yes, images are still broken for me. I’m using IE8 as my browser so don’t think that’s the issue. I’ll try again this evening from another machine. Thanks for the info.

  2. Hmmmm, I’m also seeing an “auction not yet open” message in the “Time Left” area for each item I look at. I’m thinking Kolby might be a bit premature in saying it’s now open for bidding.

  3. Yeah, here’s a former Oakhurst E. parent looking forward to participating in the online auction and the Live one too!

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