Morning Metro: Food Truck Park, Emory Traffic Alert, and Dying Industries

Rendering courtesy of Atlanta Food Truck Park & Market Facebook page

6 thoughts on “Morning Metro: Food Truck Park, Emory Traffic Alert, and Dying Industries”

  1. I found the Patch Police & Fire blurb particularly interesting today (Bystanders….). What I got out of it is:
    – Decatur library patrons and bench users are a spunky and civic sort. Yay!
    – I’m glad no one had a gun in the library incident.
    – Do NOT carry a lot of cash in your purse–the lady with a lot of cash might have been out a lot of dough if the fearless library patrons and construction workers had not prevailed. The library employee with only $10 in their wallet has to cancel credit cards and lost the wallet, but not much cash.
    – Nice purses attract trouble. (Personally, n=1, I find that Target has a nice selection and I don’t remember any Target purse being targeted.)
    – Do NOT put your purse down. There’s a reason shoulder straps are so popular.
    – You can bang on the door of DPD in the middle of the night and find help and justice!
    – Decatur bystanders can be very helpful.

  2. I love our little library. I want my kids (and most importantly, my wife) to feel safe there. I hope the city and/ or county takes all the incidents the past year or two seriously and keeps a strong security presence despite all the recent financial constraints.

  3. Speak of “dying industries” and appliance repair–is there anywhere nearby that would fix a radio that stopped working? It’s one of those radio/cd player combos; cd works fine, radio just hisses. It’s the kind of thing where, growing up, there would have been some little hole-in-the-wall store full of weird stuff and a mechanical whiz neighborhood character who’d fix anything with a plug. Nowadays, like the article says, the urge is to throw away/get a new one and I want to avoid that. Thanks!

    1. Good luck. Part of the problem is that goods are so cheap nowadays, given their complexity, that it’s too expensive to fix them. Years ago, I had a neat plug in wall fan that worked fantastic in my bathroom. When some bathtub remodelers ruined it with the stuff they were spraying, I took it to be repaired. The repair was great but cost more than the fan originally cost. I could have just bought a new one.

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