If Decided, CSD Admin Would Share Beacon Hill With Other Planned Uses

In case you missed this follow-up comment yesterday by Decatur City Manager Peggy Merriss to the thread discussing CSD administration’s potential move to Beacon Hill, it will clarify one of the repeatedly asked questions about the consideration…

Good Afternoon –

There will be a joint work session of the Board of Education and the City Commission on Monday, April 16th before the regular City Commission Meeting to discuss potential changes to the Beacon Master Plan that involve the possibility of the City Schools of Decatur acquiring part of the project for their use. Police, municipal court and active living activities would remain on the site as well as a gymnasium.


3 thoughts on “If Decided, CSD Admin Would Share Beacon Hill With Other Planned Uses”

  1. Alas, this does not appear to provide any assurance that the arts will remain a part of the plan, however. Currently, Beacon Hill is used by (at least) Decatur School of Ballet and Decatur Civic Chorus. The gymnasium clearly fits in under the “active living” umbrella. It also, I believe, is protected as a historic site and couldn’t be eliminated even if folks had a mind to do so. I hope they can also accommodate the arts as part of the eventual arrangement, but it would seem that space is limited.

    1. I don’t think it is a currently protected historic site, but there is a strong desire to keep the original building in some context and use it to interpret its original use.

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