Morning Metro: Cozee Tea’s Now Open, Int’l Terminal, and Some Monday Morning Whitman

Photo courtesy of Visit Decatur GA

7 thoughts on “Morning Metro: Cozee Tea’s Now Open, Int’l Terminal, and Some Monday Morning Whitman”

  1. I have been to Cozee a few times and like it a lot. It was great to get some tea, fire up the laptop, sit outside on Ponce and watch the world go by taking breaks to say hello and talk to people.
    I also really appreciate the woman who owns the store’s attitude. I went in on her second week of being open and all the movie trucks were parked right in front of her shop so you couldn’t see it from the street. I asked her is she was upset having this happen just as she opens and her answer was “no, it doesn’t help me right now but I think movies being filmed in Decatur is good for the community so I am happy if we all benefit”

  2. I purchased some tea and absolutely love it. I agree with Billy that the owner has a great a attitude- very friendly. Looking forward to stopping there often to try the different loose teas. They also have lots of “tea items” like teapots and more that would make nice hostess gifts or Mother’s Day gifts. Let’s all give the new store lots of support.

  3. Do they have any pastries, cookies, biscuits or anything else to go along with the tea? Just planning my eat/sip strategy….

  4. Had a delicious tea and cannoli there! Great! I especially like the comfortable, hang around and chat while sipping tea atmosphere. WiFi available.

  5. Thank you all very much…the first month has been great. Certainly am glad I chose Decatur to “SIP Back and Relax”! We do have pastries: cupcakes, cookies, brownies…we also start lighedt sandwiches…which go perfect with tea…Iced or Hot.

    High Tea 5 to 7 p.m. on Mother’s Day 5/13/12….this will kick off our Monthly Sunday High Tea

    Any questions please feel free to stop by or call me directly

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