Eddie Owen’s TED Talk – “Live Music Matters”

Travis points out that Eddie’s Owen’s recent TEDx talk here in Atlanta is now online!

5 thoughts on “Eddie Owen’s TED Talk – “Live Music Matters””

  1. Robert Spano’s TedX talk and Doug Shipman’s TedX talk from that day are well worth listening to. Eddie did Decatur proud! Here’s a link to Shawn Mullins’s performance just before Eddie’s talk: http://youtu.be/4pSS1JjlVxM

  2. When I moved to decatur in 1993 it was largely because of Trackside and Eddie’s. Way to go Eddie!

  3. Good for Eddie! He has had a large part in making City of Decatur a wonderful place for all of us.

    1. And a great Dad and supporter of CSD (Westchester) and local kids sports. Still miss having his family live here.

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