Decatur CD April Fools Joke Fooled About 75% of Its Readers

Atlanta Magazine writes on its blog that Decatur CD’s annual April Fools joke put one over on about 75% of the people who read it.

Publicized in its newsletter and on its blog, Decatur CD explained that they were getting rid of all of their CDs, building a “swanky vinyl room” and transitioning to a shop that sells downloads instead of tactile music mediums.

I posted it with a ;-), because I’ll never forget the year they put one over on me, when they reported they were expanding into the Terra Mater space and turning the shop into a pub.  Scared for life!

But all in good fun!  Good one fellas!

13 thoughts on “Decatur CD April Fools Joke Fooled About 75% of Its Readers”

  1. Well, it was a very believable story, and one that will certainly come true at some point. CDs are going down the tubes.

  2. I knew it was a joke to begin with, but half of what they put forth honestly seemed like a pretty good idea. I buy vinyls every now and then, but I haven’t bought a CD since like 2007. 🙁

    1. CL–“buy vinyls”? Is that a typo, or do folks now refer to albums that way? Honest question, not trying to pick on a possible typo.

      1. If I’m telling my wife what format I have something on, I’ll distinguish it as either vinyl, CD, or digital (meaning I only have the file). Humble Pie, I have that on vinyl. Randy Travis, that’s on CD. Lyle Lovett’s latest is digital.

  3. Remember one year before or after the year that they talked about opening the pub, they were also going to have a drive-thru CD business. Hilarious, and gave me pause for a minute or two.

  4. Agreed…the joke will be on them eventually if they don’t actually pursue a model at least something like the one they’re currently kidding about.

  5. I’ll stop buying CD’s when digital downloads can equal them in sound quality. Digital files are nice for convenience but they cannot compare to the sounds of CD and vinyl.

  6. I just can’t get into downloading.
    I’m in Decatur CD every few weeks for my fix of browsing and talking about new and old music. I hope they are around for the next 50 years!
    Perhaps next years idea could be to expand to a listening pub where everyone can bring something to play. Finding new music through the internet isn’t the most fun experience.

  7. I actually think the pub idea is pretty great. Used to fantasize about having a sort of pub/music store/book store/performance space/pool hall….. Pretty soon only the booze and the pool will still be viable, and then I suppose we’ll start downloading those too somehow.

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