Decatur CD April Fools Joke Fooled About 75% of Its Readers

Atlanta Magazine writes on its blog that Decatur CD’s annual April Fools joke put one over on about 75% of the people who read it.

Publicized in its newsletter and on its blog, Decatur CD explained that they were getting rid of all of their CDs, building a “swanky vinyl room” and transitioning to a shop that sells downloads instead of tactile music mediums.

I posted it with a ;-), because I’ll never forget the year they put one over on me, when they reported they were expanding into the Terra Mater space and turning the shop into a pub.  Scared for life!

But all in good fun!  Good one fellas!

Decatur Fire/Rescue Offering Citizen’s Fire Academy

Just received this press release…

As announced in the March issue of Decatur Focus, the Decatur Fire/Rescue Department is offering a Citizen’s Fire Academy. This will give interested community members the opportunity to learn who the Fire Department is, what they do and how they do. Graduates will be in a position to assist the Fire Department as Decatur CAPS (Citizens Assisting Public Safety) volunteers, allowing them to actively and productively support the Department in things ranging from emergency operations to community outreach. Active volunteering at the completion of the class is encouraged, but not required.

During the six-week program, participants will become familiar with the personnel and mission of the Department and be trained in a wide variety of skills ranging from CPR and blood pressure screenings to chain saw safety and many other skills. They will also have a chance to ride on emergency calls. “We’re not always putting out the fire,” said CAPS Fire Coordinator Brent Orth. Decatur’s Fire Marshal, Capt. Stephanie Burton, said the department hopes to tap into the professional skills of citizens in all walks of life, no matter whether they are doctors, lawyers, carpenters, or practice some other vocation.

Fire Academy classes will take place at 6:30 p.m. every Thursday from May 3 through June 7. Interested folks can find more details and an application form here:

Take advantage of an opportunity to learn about and serve your community !

Eddie Owen’s TED Talk – “Live Music Matters”

Travis points out that Eddie’s Owen’s recent TEDx talk here in Atlanta is now online!

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