Decatur CD Says Its Getting Rid of CDs

😉 From the Decatur CD blog

They say “change is good,” and we’re banking on the truth of that statement in these coming months. Times are tough, as you know, and we’ve been duking it out with the best of ’em these past eight years. But the music-buying public is not what it once was, and in order to survive as a doggedly independent, brick-and-mortar shop, we’re going to have to adapt to those changes, while finding a feasible way to lower our day-to-day costs.

We can’t move. Good ol’ 356 W. Ponce is our home; relocation doesn’t make sense. We can’t cut back our staff, because three people is already pretty bare bones. Frankly, we could use an extra set of hands around here sometimes, but the money just isn’t there. The only way we can feasibly save money would be to stop selling CDs.

Let that one sink in for a moment.

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  1. So glad it was an April Fools- my son would be quite upset. He LOVES Decatur CD and cds as well.

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