Mayor Bill Floyd To Call On Decatur To Popularly Elect Its Mayor

DM Exclusive: In tonight’s State of the City Address, Decatur Mayor Bill Floyd will call on Decatur residents to support changing the way the city elects it’s mayor, from one who is currently elected by his/her fellow commissioners to one who is popularly elected by the city’s voters.

Mayor Floyd sent along this snippet from the speech he will give tonight at 6pm at the Decatur Courtyard By Marriott Conference Center, which gives some insight into his call for the change…

The municipal landscape in DeKalb County is changing. In recent years we have added the City of Dunwoody and Chamblee has annexed a large area north of their old city limits to meet up with Dunwoody. There is legislation pending which calls for a referendum for the annexation of another large area south of Chamblee stretching south to I 85, and also legislation is pending to allow the Brookhaven residents (from Fulton county line east to Dunwoody and Chamblee and south to I 85) to vote this summer on becoming DeKalb’s newest city. I expect both of those to pass and the voters to approve them. Legislation is awaiting the Governor’s signature to annex into Decatur and Avondale Estates the unincorporated area that exist now between the two cities. Decatur could go, in just a few short years from DeKalb’s largest city to its 4th largest.

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Arts & Culture Tuesdays – 3/27/12

What are you singing?  What you hearing?  How are you dancing?  What are you eating?


Speaking of arts…Angie at the Decatur Arts Alliance writes in…

Oberlin Steel (OSteel) is a steel band based at Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio. Originally known as the Oberlin Can Consortium until 2001, the group plays in the tradition of the great steel bands of Trinidad, but also performs arrangements of salsa, calypso, and jazz as well as original compositions  and Oberlin College commencement festivities, Parent’s Weekend, and other sponsored events.

OSteel is coming to Decatur! The band will play at the Bandstand on the Square Thursday, March 29  at 5 p.m. Cate Hughes, Decatur High School class of 2009, is a member of OSteel and will be in her  hometown to perform with the group. Come to the square on the 29th to hear OSteel and plan to wear your dancing shoes! Check it out:

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