The Pinewood Opening in Old Cakes and Ale Spot on W. Ponce

Decatur, lend me some sugar, I am your neighbor! PWTR

The above scrawl on the brown-papered windows of the old Cakes and Ale location along West Ponce de Leon Ave in downtown Decatur and an Outkast-inspired tweet were the only initial clues we had thus far regarding the new establishment taking over the built-out restaurant space.

The spot’s name and logo certainly sounded and looked more like a restaurant than a children’s clothing store or, say, an organic local cat food store, but what KIND of restaurant was it?  An email inquiry to the address on the restaurant’s website garnered this reply…

Regional inspired cocktails and food

So I guess we’ll have to wait to hear more!

41 thoughts on “The Pinewood Opening in Old Cakes and Ale Spot on W. Ponce”

  1. Sounds great! Also, I noticed that the old Watershed space is still for lease, anyone know what is happening there?

      1. Would just like to point out that there are thousands upon thousands upon thousands of square feet of retail in the suburbs that are CHEAP with fields of parking in front of them that are also sitting empty now, and will be empty for a LONG time. Long after the Watershed is occupied again, even without it’s parking.

        These things take time.

  2. Not to be a grump, but “Regional inspired cocktails and food” sounds like every modern trendy restaurant concept. They forgot the sustainable and farm to table buzz words too.

  3. I know nothing about this Pinewood place but they will have to do something really special to get me as excited as I was about the rumor that Hankook was going to open a location in that space.

    1. Ditto. Maybe Hankook is looking at another nearby space? Feast? Not spreading rumors — just hopeful!

      Welcome, Pinewood! Look forward to trying u out.

  4. Good news! I look forward to learning more. I wonder if they’ll have lunch?
    Welcome, Pinewood.

    1. I like the tree — the four letter acronym that doesn’t directly tie to the text at right may need a little help.

      1. Revenue-Negative Household (a.k.a., My unruly brood is here to clog your sidewalks and erode your tax base.) says:

        I thought it was a piece of wheat …

  5. Wow. 5 words in an email and a sneak peek at a logo and some of you guys have stuck a fork in them. Nice.

    I, Warren Buffet, am happy that we’re able to fill up our urban retail spaces in this tough retail environment.

    1. Precisely. I, for one, wish them nothing but success. (But I do hope Hankook opens up a place nearby, too!)

  6. Not terribly excited by this “concept”, but thrilled that someone is taking a chance on the space. We’ll surely give them a try as soon as they open!

    1. Ben – I admit I am just learning about Decatur … but I have the sense that restaurants, not boutiques, bring in the people. Until the restaurants are bringing in enough folks, Decatur can’t support any more businesses. I may be not looking far enough outside the box, I admit, so I’d love to hear what other businesses might be viable here at the moment.

    2. That would be great but none of us have much control of diversification in a free market economy during a great recession. Many a different store has closed in the last few years–Blue Elephant and Wordsworth bookstores, By Hand South, Peggy’s Boutique, Inner Child, Blue Caboose, and Hoopla toy store and children’s clothes, several ice cream places, two shoe stores that moved elsewhere. I’m worried about several of the crafty and/or organic product stores. Several market or take out places have closed, e.g. Metro Market, Voila, and others I cannot remember. Even some coffee shops have closed. For reasons I do not understand, restaurants seem to be what flourish the best in Downtown.

      1. Well, I can only comment on HomeGrown, which I own with Beth Thompson.
        We’re doing well, growing steadily and would LOVE to see more shops and boutiques so that Decatur has much more to offer than food and beer… Not that I don’t loves me some good food and beer! But it’d be nice if we became known as a great place to spend an entire day both shopping AND eating/drinking.
        And we have LOTS of customers from outside of Decatur that visit HomeGrown and are just looking for additional places to spend their cash!

      1. True, DM, plus the new grease-trap rules in DeKalb County make the build-outs of non- resturant spaces much more prohibitive and in some cases impossible .

  7. I’d kill for a real italian trattoria. Not super fancy, but a good solid italian place. Not “mediterranean”, not sage infused whatever in cream sauce, just a plain solid trattoria. I miss living in a city with true italian neighborhoods with the good solid italian fare.

    1. Oh yeah, Tap Room. And the “logo” seems to represent hops, so that makes sense. Yay, more beer in Decatur…

  8. I guess this means that it’s not going to be a children’s shoe store or bagel place. 🙂

    1. Tippling? Really? Sounds almost too honest with what they want to be…kind of like my favorite old time beer jingle: Shaeffer is the one beer to have, when your having more than one!

      If you want to get drunk, come tipple a 12-pack of Shaeffer with us!

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