Decatur Ranks 8th in Tastiest Town Contest, Lafayette Wins Top Prize

Lafayette, Louisiana took the top prize in Southern Living’s “Tastiest Towns” competition which pitted 10 southern “towns” against each other – which included Decatur, GA – in an online poll to determine the “tastiest”.

Here’s the final tally, according to Southern Living’s website…

10 thoughts on “Decatur Ranks 8th in Tastiest Town Contest, Lafayette Wins Top Prize”

  1. Baltimore City population 600,000. Metropolitan area 2.5 million. 10,000 votes. That’s bad. And we (speaking as a former Balmer resident) actually take pride in our restaurants. I guess our indifference and apathy outweigh our pride in this case.

      1. The city leaders love to win these sorts of things for the marketing. A couple of years ago we somehow got voted the fittest city in the US by Men’s Fitness. Trust me, we’re not.

          1. Definitely not as popular as it is in the real South. We don’t really consider ourselves Southern.

            1. I wonder if that’s why they didn’t get out the vote — who really considers Baltimore the tastiest town in the SOUTH? I mean, I’ve had some very good mussels and crabs and such in Baltimore, but I did not think I was in the South at the time. (Honestly, I thought the Mason Dixon Line ran between Baltimore and DC.)

  2. ha, the votes for #1 exceed their population by over 70k! I know anyone could vote for anyone but that just cracks me up

  3. Lafayette’s popular free newspaper The Independent (like Creative Loafing) and their ABiz newspaper have convincing ads and restaurant reviews that are very enticing. The city has a lot of visitors because of the oil industry, so plenty of people have visited there and can cast knowledgeable votes on The Tastiest Town. Mr. Boh’s point that city leaders love to win these kinds of competitions is a notable issue, but I’m not sure how that would influence the competition/voting per se.

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