Popular Marietta Sichuan Restaurant Planning a “Near Emory” Location

Creative Loafing’s Omnivore blog received word from a restaurant manager, that popular Sichuan Restaurant, “Tasty China” is planning a third location “near Emory”.  As detailed in the post, Tasty China is where the now famous Peter Chang got his start…

Those addicts know that the infamously peripatetic Peter Chang was chef at the original Tasty China. Then he left. Then he came back to open “Peter Chang’s” with the Tasty China folks. Last month, he left town again — back to Richmond, Va. — and the restaurant has been renamed Tasty China 2. Chang retains no interest in the restaurant, according to [restaurant manager] Lissandra.

Seems like Emory Point would be the most obvious location, but who knows!

7 thoughts on “Popular Marietta Sichuan Restaurant Planning a “Near Emory” Location”

  1. The best part besides being able to get fish and sour cabbage soup anytime? Not having to ever go to Marietta again. True story.

  2. The only goal I have for Asian cuisine is convincing Little Bangkok to open a location in Decatur. Forget the rest.

  3. This is the best news I’ve had all day. Please let it be so!!! Tasty China is the ONLY thing I miss about living on the westside.

  4. I just peed my pants a little bit I was so excited about this news.

    OK, I lied about peeing my pants.

    OK, no, I didn’t lie about that…

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