Decatur Police to Begin Ticketing Illegally Parked Cars at Glenlake Park

Do you park illegally at Glenlake Park?  You may want to read the following message from Decatur Deputy Police Chief Keith Lee…

The Decatur Police Department has recently received complaints about illegal parking in Glenlake Park. After consulting with members of the Decatur Active Living Department it became apparent that these parking violations hinder the ability of emergency vehicles to efficiently respond to critical incidents. Additionally, the misuse of handicap accessible parking spaces prevent their use by authorized drivers. Effective Monday March 12, 2012 the Decatur Police Department will begin issuing parking citations to illegally parked vehicles in the park. Patrons of Glenlake Park are encouraged to utilize the on-street parking available on Church Street. Additional parking is located in the Decatur Cemetery. There is a convenient walking path connecting Glenlake Park to the cemetery. The cemetery is open daily until 7:00 pm.

22 thoughts on “Decatur Police to Begin Ticketing Illegally Parked Cars at Glenlake Park”

  1. Shouldn’t ALL illegally parked cars, everywhere, get a ticket? Why did this deserve a press release?

    1. I’m guessing because there have been people parking there for a few weeks now that the weather has been nice and they haven’t been getting ticketed, which *might* lead some people to believe it’s okay. Rather than spring a “gotcha” on them (which would be fine by the letter of the law, sure), the police are giving a heads up that they’re going to be putting a stop to it.

  2. Agreed, but it served its purpose. Now you know. And knowing is half the battle. GI JOE!

    I can just see the motorcycle cop flying down the bike path now to slip a ticket under the windshield.

  3. Speaking of the Church St. parking… Can we get the cars to park closer to the curb rather than closer to the lane of traffic? It can be a little disconcerting seeing the car sticking out so far…is it parked, is it trying to pull out in front of me?!?

  4. I’ve been there several times recently and it’s getting ridiculous. Cars just parking all along the cul de sac/turn around area.

    The gravel lot should remain a secret. The general population can’t figure out how to get in there.

  5. Revenue-Negative Household (a.k.a., My unruly brood is here to clog your sidewalks and erode your tax base.) says:

    Glad to hear it. Agree about the cul-de-sac (that is lined with “No Parking” signs).

    1. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Who said anything about a gravel lot. There definitely isn’t a gravel lot at the end of Norris St. Wait a sec. Damn! Cat’s out of the bag now.

  6. I’m still interested in why the park renovation didn’t include more parking….and that the Church street parking became, apparently, permanent. Is there info. on that anywhere?

    1. When it was determined that a lot of parking could be moved out onto Church, they were able to maximize actual park space in the park by reducing the required parking on site. So I don’t believe there was a reduction in parking, just a shift from one spot to another.

      Personally, if it’s a matter of making the best use of tax dollars, I’d like mine to go to parks and not parkING. We’ve already invested in all the asphalt out on Church. It would be irresponsible not to leverage it.

      1. I always use Church St. to park. We’re going to the park to get at least mild exercise, so the few hundred extra feet to walk to the park is just part of the experience. But, more practically, I hate the “oil pan killer” speed bumps. If I don’t creeeeeeeeep over them, I swear my aluminum oil pan bottoms out on them, yet my car hasn’t bottomed out on anything else.

        I’m calling anti-sports-car, pro-SUV shenanigans on Glen Lake paved parking !

        Funny thing is, my non-offroad car has a far easier time with the gravel lot…that um…doesn’t….exist. Yeah.

        1. Those speed bumps should be called speed peaks or speed stalagmites. Even creeping doesn’t spare my minivan’s bottom.

        2. Since my kids play in that park, I am completely comfortable knowing that you can’t cross those hurdles at more than 2 miles per hour.

        3. Those speed bumps are crazy tall. I have an older sedan type car and even if I come to a complete stop and creep over them, I still bottom out about half the time. They’re the reason I started parking in the [redacted].

      2. As a Decatur resident who lives on Church Street, I was leveraging the asphalt…to drive on. Ah yes, I remember fondly the good ol’ days when I could make a left turn out of my driveway.

  7. Thank you, city PD. If this is about the cul de sac, I hope they double the ticket amounts. While we’re at it, let’s ticket the day care parents who park on Ponce in front of Holy Trinity and all the other places where there are legitimate spots nearby but drivers choose illegal means that jeopardize the safety of others.

  8. I hope this also covers the people that park in the grass area of the park when the gravel area (that does not exist) gets full. I too live off Church St., and while I wish I had the 4 lanes back (as it’s almost impossible to get on the road during traffic hours) I think that people should utilize it and walk 100ft, rather than parking on the grass.

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