Large Pecan Tree Next to The Marlay Being Taken Down Today

Chadwick, The Marlay property’s owner and longtime DM reader, writes in…

It is with great sadness that I must remove the pecan tree in the grass area next to The Marlay tomorrow. I love the tree, and have rebuffed development of the grass area specifically to preserve it; in the past Bruster’s and Starbucks wanted to develop the lot among others. There is an adolescent Oak tree in it’s shadow, that we will nurture to regain the canopy that will be lost.

Why are we having to do this? … The tree was struck by lightening in 1996, leaving a large bare scar which we have been monitoring over the years. A creature has now taken up in the tree, where a large hollow has developed, and a new crack has appeared. According to the arborist who has been trimming the tree over the last couple of years, it is just a matter of time before the canopy cracks off.

Also, I would like to let the community know that I will be “Tree Cycling” the tree to give it a new life as furniture ( see below ), and will have an “Alaska Jig” on site next week to cut the trunk into 4″ slabs to be processed after drying. All the limbs will be cut up and given to a non-profit that helps out-of-work men by selling donated wood as firewood – this pecan will be sold by this organization to BBQ resturants in the area because it’s smoke it similar to Hickory – to help support their outreach programs.

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  1. Now that is some serious “tree cycling.”

    Sorry to lose the tree, but thankful that it will be put to good use in so many ways.

    1. Revenue-Negative Household (a.k.a., My unruly brood is here to clog your sidewalks and erode your tax base.) says:


  2. I wonder if they are going to help the “creature…. living in the tree” with relocation assistance? This is a (semi) serious question.

    1. AnotherRick – it turned out to be a family of squirrels. Arborist was expecting opossum from the size of the hole.

  3. I have a feeling that the local coyotes will take good care of that…

    Sad about that big ol’ tree, great story and it is obvious that a lot of thought went into that solution.

  4. Sorry to lose the tree but thank you for so many years helping it along. Your “tree cycling” is a great way to do some good out of the need to take the tree down.

    I completely agree, Chadwick needs to be a Hometown Hero!

    1. In the planter in front of the Post Office are MILLIONS of acorns that have dropped tap roots. These can be gently pulled up and replanted as long as it’s done before they send up shoots. These trees should be, (most likely but not guaranteed since oaks hybridize,) straight, tall and resilient white oaks, just like the 4 still standing there.

      The sprouts in the planter will be killed unless somebody moves them.

  5. Bravo. Chadwick, I’m a local woodworker. Would it be possible to buy / acquire some of the 4″ slabs and put them to local use?

    1. chris – I’ll be on site most of the Morning tomorrow, stop by and we will figure something out

  6. Thank you for the Heads Up. I got some great Pecans off that tree this year. I never would have thought about it but I saw this lady looking around kicking with her foot occassionally picking up something. It looked crazy,so I went of and asked her, and she said, “I’m getting myself some Pecans.” So I joined her, little did I know that will be the last I will ever get. Sad. I will look into why Pecan trees are planted so rearely now. N

  7. Everything is born, and everything dies. Seems sad until you accept that its part of this life. Thank you, Chadwick, for your care for this tree, and for explaining why it must come down. I love this place.

  8. Loved that tree, and LOVE the top photo– whoever took it, kudos! I’ll miss it every time we go to The Marlay, but am comforted knowing it will have a second life as something beautiful & functional.

  9. Thanks for being so thoughtful about this, Chadwick and for letting your neighbors know what’s going on. I look forward to watching the little oak grow from the comfort of the Marlay House patio.

  10. Thanks for all the kind words of support. It’s nice to be able to make lemonade from a lemon situation. I’ll give DM the heads up when we are going to slab up the trunk, should make for some interesting viewing.

    1. Please send me the name of your arborist and tree-cycling resources. I have a tree I would like to discuss with an expert.
      Many thanks!

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