Hey DeKalb Residents. You’re Voting on Sunday Alcohol Sales This Tuesday!

Alert!  Democrats, Republicans, Whigs, Anti-Federalists and Greenbacks alike!

Rachel alerts us to a fact that many may have forgotten since last November.

While many Atlanta municipalities elected to add the Sunday Sales vote to the ballot last November, unincorporated DeKalb didn’t have any items already on the ballot, so they opted to save the $$$ and wait until March (that’s now!) to take up the issue.  Well that’s this coming Tuesday, as voters go to the polls to elect a GOP presidential candidate.

According to WSB, Cobb County residents will also vote on the issue this coming Tuesday.

10 thoughts on “Hey DeKalb Residents. You’re Voting on Sunday Alcohol Sales This Tuesday!”

      1. Yes. Unless you live in a part of Decatur that’s not actually part of DeKalb County. I’m pretty sure that Cobb has annexed DawgFan’s and Walrus’s houses. And Token, if he’s still around here lurking, has likely petitioned Gwinnett to take in his property. 😉

  1. I’m glad this is something that is likely to pass under any circumstances. It would be unfortunate, and anti-democratic (small “d”), to decide an important issue when only one party is likely to be going to the polls in any numbers.

    1. I’m a little curious about this myself, IggyDad. I sure hope you’re right about the “under any circumstances” part.

  2. Wondering how long after Tuesdays vote it will be before people can actually buy from places like YDFM?

    1. It is my understanding that the Dekalb ballot question is worded just like Decatur’s was – basically giving the Commission the authority to allow Sunday sales. Thus, I think that after the vote is approved, the Commission would then have to approve allowing Sunday sales and probably specify a date when sales could begin.

      That process was very quick here in Decatur. If I remember correctly, the election was in early November, and by Thanksgiving weekend, Sunday sales were happening. Like all things, I doubt it will happen that quickly in Dekalb County!

      1. Last time I was at Decatur package, the sign said voting on March 6, sales at the earliest on May 6. Not sure if that’s the Dekalb process or Herb’s.

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