Sugar Moon Bakery Opening in Oakhurst

There has been at least one inquiry here about a new bakery opening in Oakhurst, next to Kavarna.  Peter wrote in yesterday and gave us the name, Sugar Moon Bakery, and wondered if we knew anything else about it.

Unfortunately, I can’t find a thing online about this intriguing new spot in the ‘Hurst.  So hopefully someone out there in DM land has some clue and will fill us in!

Please!  “Bakery” can mean SO many things.

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18 thoughts on “Sugar Moon Bakery Opening in Oakhurst”

    1. I think this may be the same bakery that had sold cupcakes out of the Taste shop across from Java Monkey. If so…yum. Red velvet, buttermilk strawberry, chocolate seasalt- oh my!

    1. One morning a few weekends ago I went to the bakery at Cakes and Ale and had a croissant that I thought was fantastic.

      Give it a try and see what you think of theirs.

      1. Agree. Also, Alon’s Bakery but that’s all the way in Virginia Highland or Dunwoody. Third choice: Pastries a Go Go.

      1. Agree, their croissants are the most European-like in City of Decatur. But I still think Alon’s are more authentic and better, by a hair.

    2. You have to take the overnight train into Grenoble. As you wait to change, you get a croissant and an espresso, neither of which you’ve ever tried. And you have to be twenty. And it has to be 1974, and winter, and snowing. The perfect croissant.

  1. Good luck to them. That spot (along with the one in which Saba sits currently) seems to be a little bit cursed.

  2. Right you are! Sugar Moon Bake Shop is setting up in the space next to Kavarna, formerly used by Nectar. We do specialize in cupcakes, but will also be offering gourmet ice cream, oatmeal creme pies, and other baked goodies! We’ll be opening up this spring.

    Indeed – you may have sampled our cupcakes at Taste in Decatur. Glad to hear you enjoyed them! Chief Cupcake Baker Amy Kiefer will have those flavors available and more. We’re super excited to have garnered so much interest.

    Our website will be launched shortly (early March) with more info for you:

    Also – “Like” us on facebook for updates!

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